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Workouts for men at home

Training for men at home: how to build muscle? How to lose weight with effective exercises with dumbbells or weights?

For classes at home, two types of dumbbells are produced - cast and type-setting. Cast shells are dumbbells of small weight, ranging from 1 to 12 kg. Types of dumbbells, more expensive, but allowing you to change the load, are mainly produced from 8 to 24 kg - this is the most popular weight line for men who train at home. Dumbbells need to be acquired as a pair, when switching to "advanced" sets of exercises, it is desirable to have several pairs of dumbbells of different weights - this will allow you to move from one exercise to another without reinstalling the weight.

Before planning a complex for training at home and selecting the weight of the shells for exercises on the main muscle groups, the following recommendations should be considered:

training home

a low number of repetitions when performing the approach (3 - 5) allows you to develop strength and muscle mass;

the average number of repetitions (6 - 8) makes it possible to increase the volume of muscles and their relief;

a high number of repetitions (9 - 12) - this is work on the terrain and endurance.

number repetitions

The number of repetitions for the thigh muscles ranges from 10 to 15, and the press, forearms and lower leg (depending on fitness) are performed from 15 to 50 times in each approach.

Sports stance - a special bench with a metal frame and a strong, but soft base. The use of such a support in training at home allows you to make the full range of movements when performing exercises lying and sitting. You can buy a bench in a sporting goods store or order production in the nearest workshop. If necessary, at home, the rack can be replaced with a coffee table on reliable legs..

Practical recommendations

The training program for men conducted at home is the steps of climbing from simple execution to a difficult option, from light weight to heavy shells. There are guidelines to verify physical performance. So, a normally developed man must perform lifting to biceps with one hand with a weight that is 20% of his own weight, and a bench press from the chest is performed with a weight of 75%. Compliance with the standard requires good preparation, which can be achieved at home by regularly performing the next set of exercises.