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What gives yoga. Benefits and Benefits of Practice

The advantage of yoga on the physical and spiritual levels. Research by American scientists on the benefits of yoga. Can yoga hurt. Who can do yoga.

Why yoga is preferred over other sports and what are its benefits?

Yoga affects not only the physical side, but also the spiritual state of a person. Therefore, fans of this doctrine is becoming more and more.

Classes consist of a variety of asanas. They flow in a calm rhythm.

The correct performance of asanas helps to strengthen and improve the whole organism, all organs are activated, every ligament, muscle, every vessel, all cells is worked out.

Duration of classes takes from 1.5 to 2 hours. A correctly selected set of exercises helps a person to recover on the physical and spiritual levels.

The excellence of yoga on the physical level

The body becomes proportional. Its weak parts are strengthened, the activity of the pelvic organs is activated.

The elasticity of enslaved muscles is restored. Joint mobility can also be achieved in old age..

With the help of yoga classes, a person develops the ability to control many body functions. Other workouts won't be able to give it..

Some functional disorders are corrected (curvature of the back, weakness of the abdominal muscles, sagging hips, stooped shoulders, hollow chests). The flexibility of the spine improves, the body becomes symmetrical.

Body weight is regulated. Correct breathing.

There is an improvement in the cardiovascular system.

Blood flow increases to different parts of the body, pressure normalizes.

Undigested food residues, toxins will be regularly removed.

Gradually, a person stops using many medications..

Exercise is aimed at developing strength and endurance. The body's ability to cope with heat, cold, and stress is enhanced.

After a long illness, yogic practice accelerates the body's regenerative processes. Asanas tend to renew and save energy.

Yoga classes teach you how to relax. Sleep is getting better.

Using different poses, accompanied by proper breathing, the body is saturated with oxygen. This allows the body to relax for more effective stretching and working out deep muscle groups..

Asanas with twisting act on the internal organs of a person, allowing to remove toxins.

Fat cells will be eliminated, blood flow will increase, metabolism will improve. For weight loss its great.

Benefits Practice

Asanas in an inverted position (birch, headstand, arms) have a rejuvenating effect.

Yoga asanas will help get rid of bad habits.

Properly selected yoga complex will give beauty and health.

Spiritual Benefits

Yoga allows you to achieve mental calm, the level of awareness becomes much higher.

Systematic exercises help control your emotions. Over time, the mind will be independent of the effects of the senses. Asanas slow down chaotic thoughts and increase concentration. Positive energy will cover the whole body: there will be an influx of new forces and a good mood.

Breathing exercises will extract negative energy and fill the body with positive vibes. Positive changes will occur in human life.

Yoga helps a person to look inside himself, awakening a new consciousness. If it is calm and inward, the senses are in control. Animal passions weaken, there is no strong desire to satisfy them.

When the temptations of the outside world lose their attractiveness, a state of inner peace comes. There are no illusions and every thought, spoken word carries significance, meaningfulness.

Yoga gives a person good health, physical strength, peace of mind. What is better yoga or gym, you decide. But if a person is engaged in himself, it is useful to do yoga.

Yoga scientists

What is useful yoga according to American scientists:

body mass index decreases;

metabolism is normalized;

the size of the stomach decreases;

eating habits change and dependence on food is significantly reduced, which is great for the figure;

getting rid of many chronic diseases (for example, migraine), stress;

blood sugar decreases, toxins are excreted, bad cholesterol, hemoglobin rises;

the immune system strengthens, blood pressure normalizes;

the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine systems are activated.

In addition to the above, scientists found a decrease in cortisol (stress hormone) in people doing yoga. This improves the mood and general condition of the body. An increase in mental abilities was also noted, since cerebral circulation is activated, and the ability to memorize is enhanced..

And this is not the whole list of the virtues of yoga, research is ongoing. We expect new amazing discoveries..

Benefits Benefits

Can yoga hurt

The benefits of yoga for the soul and body are huge. What yoga classes give, was said above. But many are interested in the question of whether yoga is good for everyone.?

If you competently approach the practice, do not ignore the rules and recommendations, there will be no harm.

Before you start practicing, you need to know for sure that there are no contraindications.

It is forbidden to use yoga with such problems:

The acute stage of diseases of internal organs (pancreatitis, appendicitis, etc.), and other acute pains.

Serious heart disease (vice, etc.), blood.


The first 6 months after a stroke, heart attack. 2-3 months after operation.

Severe hypertension.

Inguinal, intervertebral hernias, displacements, injuries.

Infectious disease of the joints, spinal cord and brain, arthrosis.

During a cold, SARS, when a fever.

Significant mental imbalance (schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.).

Women in the period of bearing a child, 3 months. after childbirth, during menstruation.

If any of these factors occurs, you need to consult a doctor. You may be allowed to use some asanas. But independent experiments are contraindicated. Do yoga with pleasure, relief. If you feel uncomfortable, stop the exercise.

It is not advisable for beginners to learn asanas on their own. There is a risk of injuring ligaments, joints, stretching muscle tissue. If there is no preliminary preparation, you can damage the spinal axis, which is dangerous.

Therefore, the harm of yoga is possible if the wrong approach to it.

Who can do yoga?

Practically everyone can do yoga. It is advisable to take the help of an instructor who will select asanas, taking into account the individual characteristics of the student, and teach you how to perform them correctly.

Women, girls, men can engage in any age. Special yogic asanas are also shown to people suffering from headaches, backaches, swelling, obesity, and other diseases..

Yoga is useful to everyone who wants to stay healthy longer, maintain inner harmony, good spirits, admire their body.

This teaching has existed for several thousand years, so an unprofessional approach is not allowed.