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We train endurance at home

A set of exercises for endurance training at home based on CrossFit. Performed in a high-intensity circular repetition to exhaustion.

Distinguish between general and special endurance. General assumes the ability to perform any kind of work efficiently, and special - a specific load. Stamina training improves the performance of all body systems. Physiologists determine endurance by the intensity of the energy supply processes of the body with the participation of oxygen (aerobic) and without it (anaerobic).

Health Development Methods:

Continuous uniform (a chain of exercises of low intensity is performed for a long time);

Continuous variable (during the training process, the intensity of the exercise is changed);

Repeated (the number of repetitions and speed of execution are planned in advance, rest periods vary);

Interval (exercises are performed in short periods at planned intervals).

In adolescence (13-18 years), due to the intensive restructuring of the body, aerobic loads are used (uniform method). Adults use all methods. The main condition is gradual.

CrossFit Principles.

In Russia, as well as around the world, the crossfit system has been popular for the past 10 years. This is a sports direction founded by the American gymnast G. Glassman at the end of the 20th century. Crossfit training includes exercises from various sports.

Our specialization is the lack of specialization, says Greg Glassman, which is the basic principle of crossfit..

In the West, police, firefighters, rescuers are trained under this system. Training is available to both beginners and experienced athletes. Designed training for the elderly, pregnant women, children.

Crossfit uses all muscle groups and trains endurance. The lesson consists of several exercises, performed one after the other with high intensity. Trainers recommend:

Gradually reduce the rest time between series of exercises;

Exercise overcoming fatigue;

Vary the composition of exercises by day of the week;

Include exercises for all muscle groups in a lesson;

Do not drink water during class.

Before training, be sure to warm up the muscles (warm up), after it - to relax them (hitch, stretching). Warm up example:

endurance home

Head rotation;

Mahi hands;

Tilts of the case forward and to the sides;

Mahi kicking;

Jumping the sun with stretching arms and legs.

Complexes and separate exercises for the home

For crossfit training at home you will need: dumbbells, a bench, a bag of sand, a jump rope, a crossbeam (there is a sports ground in the yard). Example of the complex (2 times a week, repeat each exercise 10-16 times):

Feet shoulder width apart. Put a dumbbell in front of you, sit down, grab it with one hand. Straighten up sharply, stand on toes. Bend your knees while extending your arm with the dumbbell up. Lower the dumbbell. After 5-8 times change your hand.

Get on all fours, straighten your knees. Walk simultaneously with opposite arms and legs, like a bear. Change direction.

The legs are wider than the shoulders. Take a dumbbell with both hands, sit down, straighten up, arms with a dumbbell up.

Lunges forward with bending the knee and raising a hand with a dumbbell up. After 5-8 times change arm and leg.

Spread your legs wide, crouch, keeping your back straight; straight arms with dumbbells down.

Squat down from the squat to jump over the bench. Repeat the other way.

Squat with your back to the wall, rest your hands on the floor. Move your legs along the wall until a right angle is obtained between the body and straight legs. Measure for 20 seconds.

Trainers advise to pinpoint the time spent on a lesson. This will allow you to set personal records, evaluate growing stamina. Training is carried out in a circle with high intensity until exhaustion.

CrossFit is convenient because everyone can make a workout. Its enough to know the exercises and principles of crossfit.

Here is a simple combination:

Burpy. Sit deep, press your knees to your chest. Resting his hands on the floor, throw straight legs back. Return to the squat and bounce up, straightening your arms and legs. Repeat 15 times.

Push-up push-ups. Pushing up, tear your hands off the floor. Repeat 15 times.

Pull-ups on the bar 7 times.

endurance home

Press exercises on the horizontal bar. Raise straight legs, hanging on the bar, 10 times.

The purpose of the lesson is to complete as many circles as possible in the allotted time (30-40 minutes). Each subsequent workout includes more laps or repetitions of one exercise. Its better to train at home every other day to allow the body to recover.

Here are some popular crossfit elements:

High jump with grouping;

Squats with jumping up, arms behind the head;

Push-ups with clapping hands under the chest;

Pullups with acceleration;

Push-ups with cotton with one hand on the chest;


Pistol squats;

Hand walking.

What to do for beginners

The first time an athlete trains endurance with the help of a simplified version of these exercises (simple push-ups, squats, pull-ups), gradually complicating them. Example (1 exercise - 30 seconds, rest - 10 seconds):


Push ups;

Running on the spot (treadmill or exercise bike, if any);

Jumping rope;

Plank on the forearms (face down, face up, on the side);

Pull up on the bar.

It is important to train with increased speed until you run out of strength. At home, self-control is needed. You cant feel sorry for yourself, otherwise you wont succeed!

CrossFit is suitable for healthy people. Those who have problems with the cardiovascular system, intensive short-term loads are contraindicated. An ideal way to train their stamina is to run at a calm pace in the fresh air. Every 1-2 weeks increase the duration of the run by 10 minutes.