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Trichological massage of the scalp from hair loss

What is trichological massage and how it affects the body. Indications and contraindications to the procedure. Basic techniques: spot, from hair growth and over open skin. .

The main goal of the massage is to stimulate the hair follicles, which leads to hair growth. It is usually prescribed for abundant hair loss, which is provoked by the causes of the two groups. The first includes external factors: frequent dyeing and the use of low-quality paints, the effect of chemical preparations for curling and the use of a hair dryer, irons and hair flat.

Internal causes include improper metabolism, stress, the postpartum period, diseases of the immune system, fungal infections, cervical osteochondrosis, hormonal disruptions, and malnutrition. Taking antibiotics and strong medications, recovering from illnesses and injuries is often accompanied by hair loss..

Massage sessions can not only slow down the onset of baldness, but also increase the density of hair, relieve dandruff.

Effective therapy for diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, migraines, low blood pressure and insomnia, for diseases of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract. Massage effect on the scalp leads to the elimination of spasms of connective tissues. Brain activity and mindfulness improve, overall tone increases.

The mechanism of influence on the body

Trichological massage is effective by improving blood circulation and lymph flow. A mechanical effect on the scalp stimulates the sebaceous glands and awakens the hair follicles. During the study, dead epidermal cells are removed, the skin relaxes and the cells are saturated with oxygen and nutrients. Lymph passes through vessels freely, ridding tissues of processed products, excess fluid and toxins..

Stimulation of nerve endings leads to the formation of multiple impulses going to the brain. This provokes the production of hormones, including and hormones of joy, pleasure, happiness. There is a relaxation of the nervous system, negative emotions and a sense of anxiety leave. At the same time, the processes of natural tissue regeneration are launched, which has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

Indications and contraindications

Massage of the scalp is recommended not only as a means of preventing and restoring hair, but also to eliminate many skin diseases. It is shown with:

Itching, dry skin, and frequent irritation;



With injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

Drowsiness and apathy;

Muscle cramps and cramps;

Pulmonary failure;

Muscle pain;

Stress, depression;

Emotional exhaustion and chronic fatigue;

Impaired blood circulation;

Migraines and headaches accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fainting.

improves blood

Do not massage if:

The skin has open wounds, abrasions, hematomas;

Diagnosed with hypertension;

There are infectious diseases;

The occipital and submandibular lymph nodes are enlarged;

Chronic heart disease.

Scalp massage against hair loss is not recommended for oily hair, as it activates the sebaceous glands.

Massage techniques and techniques

The main massage techniques are stroking and rubbing, patting, vibrating and pressing movements. Massaging the hair begins and ends with light strokes. It prepares, and then relaxes the scalp, relieves stress, improves blood circulation.

To perform circular movements, the thumb is placed on the top of the head, and the rest are around. Finger pads with amplification put pressure on the skin. Massaging the hair in this way, the masseur activates the sebaceous glands and improves skin respiration..

Pressure and vibration should be amplified and relaxed. They are conducted along massage lines starting from the hair growth area:

In the direction from the forehead to the parietal region;

From the temples to the back of the head;

From the ears to the parietal region.

These techniques are suitable for self-massage of the head. Stroking movements should be gentle - their strength and intensity increases with time. After they proceed to rubbing the skin with all fingers. The direction of movement can be zigzag or circular, spiral. Nipple-shaped kneading is the capture and retraction of small areas of the skin along with the hair. Then they make kneading movements, and at the end - patting the phalanges of the fingers and slowly stroking.

Hair Growth Technique

The procedure takes time from 20 to 30 minutes, and each reception - from 2 to 5 minutes. Massage should be performed on dry skin or after applying restorative agents. The technique improves blood flow to the massaged part of the head, therefore it is recommended to carry it out no less than 2 hours before bedtime. The complex also provides for facial massage.

It is necessary to start a massage effect on the head with relaxing movements. The masseur performs stroking with his palm in straight lines from the center point of the forehead to the sides to the temples and from the top of the forehead to the eyebrows. Reception is repeated in wave-like movements with great pressure. To wake up sleeping cells, you need to gently grind the superciliary arches, after which they proceed to kneading. Gypsum-like kneading is carried out with the fingertips first to the left, and then to the right. Affect the temples, the point in front of and behind the ear, the central point of the nape and the dimple on the nape, under the earlobes. At these points conduct enhanced pressure and vibration of light pats..

When performing a massage, attention is paid to light circular motions along energy lines:

From the middle of the forehead to the crown;

From the point at the end of the eyebrows - to the crown;

From the middle of the ears to the crown;

blood circulation

From the occipital fossa to the crown.

End the session with waved strokes from the eyebrow line all over the head and to the neck.

Technique for open skin

The method is usually used in clinics. The masseur creates a parting in the hair and with the palms of both hands makes light stroking. It passes from the forehead to the back of the head and from the midline to the sides 3-5 times. Then the exercise is repeated, but with a marked increase. Next, forceps are rubbed, straight or circular. Make it with the index and middle fingers. Massage therapists stimulate nerve endings, awaken hair follicles.

Then make a sweeping movement in which the fingers compress and shift the skin. This technique affects the main muscles, improves blood flow and sebaceous glands. Intermittent pats pass along the parting and on both sides of it. At the end of the session, the entire surface of the head is stroked..

Acupressure Technique

It aims to awaken and activate hair follicles. However, the main technique of acupressure is also suitable for use in the collar zone for pain, cramping, blocks or fatigue. The fingers of both hands are set on the hairline so that they are facing the crown (if the collar zone is being worked out, the fingers are placed on both sides of the spine). Press firmly on the points on the skin and withstand pressure from 2 to 5 seconds. Relax, move a centimeter forward, repeat the pressure. In this way, the entire surface of the head or neck passes, and the complex is repeated 2 to 4 times.

Spent massage from hair loss in two stages. Preparatory begin with light strokes of the scalp in the direction of hair growth. The masseur performs circular motions with a slight increase to stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. Then one palm is placed on the hairline, the second on the back of the head. Slowly hands begin to move towards each other.

The next technique is rubbing in circular and rectilinear movements. They are made from the surface of the shoulder along the back of the neck to the back of the head, along the entire surface of the head, from the side of the auricle to the crown. After that, they move on to pulling up: a small strand is pulled until a pain sensation appears and released. The reception is repeated several times..

Patting is performed with the palmar surface of the hands, phalanges of the fingers and even the edge of the palms. Vibration movements are made in 2 directions: from the crown down to the forehead and from the crown to the neck. You can also get pats from temple to temple through the forehead..

Comb massage

The easiest and most affordable method of stimulating hair growth. To conduct it, use a comb or comb made of wood. You need to comb the comb hair from the temples to the back of the head for 3-7 minutes.

Wood is a noble material with its own vibrations. It improves blood circulation, cleanses the scalp and hair from impurities, fat, bacteria, gives shine to hair.

How often to apply

The average massage session takes from 5 (when using a comb) to 30 minutes. If there are no contraindications, then self-massage sessions can be carried out daily. To maintain healthy scalp and hair, 2-3 treatments per week are sufficient..

Professional therapeutic massage is performed as directed by a doctor. The duration of the course depends on the indications, the condition of the scalp and the general condition of the patient. However, a week is recommended to carry out no more than 2 sessions.

Common mistakes

Guidelines have been developed for all types of trichological massage, but even their observance leads to errors. The most common errors include:

The intensity of movement from the first minutes of the session. You need to start the effect on the head with soft and gentle stroking;

Finger breeding. During study, all fingers should be in close contact with each other and with the surface of the head.

You can raise and raise your fingers if there are additional instructions;

Quick and sharp grinding. This technique is performed only with straight fingers, and the movements should be intense, but not fast;

Clapping with pinched muscles of the neck, face, or head.

Head massage is performed not only with active hair loss. This pleasant procedure will help get rid of insomnia, symptoms of fatigue after a busy day and relieve tension from the muscles of the back and neck. The cosmetic effect of the sessions is to improve the condition of the hair, increase its density, get rid of dandruff, split ends, brittleness and dullness. Regular procedures will accelerate hair growth, give them shine and vitality. You can conduct sessions at home - the massage technique is simple, and if all the recommendations are followed, the first positive changes can be noticed after 10-14 procedures.