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Tea for weight loss at home: recipes, decoctions

Making slimming tea at home has become very fashionable - the recipes are simple, and the desire to lose weight quickly is obsessive. The effectiveness of decoctions for weight loss. Tea recipes.

Teas and decoctions for weight loss promise us a wonderful reincarnation, significant weight loss, saturation of the body with vitamins due to the abundance of the latter in herbal preparations and berries. But let's face it. Unfortunately, losing weight on teas is not at all due to burning fat..

Slimming drinks always have in their composition components that have a strong diuretic effect. Simply put, this is a laxative.

A positive aspect of the use of laxative decoctions is that your body will be cleaned of accumulated toxins and toxins, excess water will be removed from the tissues. Of the negative - side effects described below, as well as remaining in its original place, fat.

Due to the fact that water is excreted from the body, the effect of losing weight is created..


Exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.

Urolithiasis disease.

General weakening of the body.

Pregnancy and Feeding.

Everything is good in moderation

Any, even the highest quality tea for weight loss, is required to drink short courses. On average, the duration of taking decoctions for weight loss is 10 days, followed by a mandatory 7-day break.

This rule must be strictly observed. However, some representatives of the human race in the pursuit of rapid weight loss manage to neglect all the rules. As a result, instead of the desired, a number of side effects are obtained, among which:

violation of the kidneys and intestines;


constipation or diarrhea;


vitamin deficiency, as well as a lack of micro and macro elements;

hypokalemia (potassium deficiency causes weakness and increases fatigue).

Consider in more detail the deficiency of vitamins and elements. Water leaving the body leaches nutrients from tissues and bones. A constant laxative effect prevents the absorption of substances from food.

Therefore, all the vitamins contained in medicinal decoctions are practically useless for abuse. In fact, you regularly flush your intestines - its the same as doing an enema every day.

The 11th commandment of the Bible and the main principle of medicine are: Do no harm!

In order to lose weight and not suffer from side effects, nutritionists strongly recommend regular exercise and eating healthy foods..

Slimming tea at home is just an addition to a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

A few words about store teas

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Some companies add unhealthy substances to their products. In addition, fakes are quite common. With the regular use of a low-quality product, one day you can end up in a hospital. I drank tea, woke up, a dropper.

It is better to make decoctions for weight loss yourself - you control the process, you know every ingredient. But, if you dont have enough time or do not want to experiment, look for recipes, then when purchasing a drink for weight loss in a pharmacy, analyze the composition and study the packaging.

Home recipes

Most of the ingredients can be found in the pharmacy. If you like walks in the fresh air, then in the summer, during the period of active growth of medicinal herbs, you can go in search of them away from the noisy city and gassed air.

Recipes contain components of plant origin that have a high allergic potential. Carry out tests and observe the reaction of the body. Otherwise, you risk waking up with a swollen right cheek or rash on your hands.

Teas are used in the same way: be sure to take courses on an empty stomach, 1-2 times a day in the morning or in the evening, depending on the properties of the plants used. Sedative herbs drink before bedtime.

For preparation, the ingredients are poured with boiling water, covered with a lid or wrapped in a towel, infused for an average of 10-15 minutes, the infusions are filtered.

Mint and Thyme Tea

Mint relieves nervous tension, relaxes, makes breathing easier for colds, and relieves pain for migraines. Reduces the amount of testosterone in the body, therefore, in women in unwanted places hair growth slows down. Thyme in translation from ancient Greek - "strength of mind." This plant has a calming, anti-inflammatory and warming effect. It is also used in official medicine in the form of Pertusin's cough syrup for children. Facilitates the absorption of food.

Tea Composition:

Mint - 10 grams.

Thyme - 10 grams.

Boiling water - 1 cup.

Tarragon and plantain

Tarragon has a strong diuretic and anthelmintic effect. Recommended for arthritis, good for men's health, strengthens the nervous system and blood vessels.

Plantain has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect. Helps with diseases of the stomach, is able to heal wounds and kill germs. Has a sedative effect.

Tea Composition:

Tarragon - 8 grams.

Plantain leaves - 10 grams.

Boiling water - 1 cup.

Lemon and orange peel

Orange zest improves performance, helps lower cholesterol, and reduces the risk of gallstones. Restores intestinal microflora. Helps fight colds. If sore throat, chew a peel of orange or lemon, the pain will subside.

Lemon catnip (catnip) improves digestion, increases appetite, accelerates heart rate by 40%, has a diaphoretic, expectorant, powerful sedative, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect.

Tea Composition:

Catnip leaves - 10 grams.

Orange zest - 7 grams.

weight loss

Boiling water - 1.5 cups.

Oregano, lemon balm and lemon zest

Oregano has a powerful antibacterial effect, reduces gas formation, relieves spasms. Helps in the treatment of neurosis and convulsive seizures. It has pronounced diuretic properties, anesthetizes. Refers to the "female herbs" because helps in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Melissa is primarily a natural antidepressant, soothes, raises the tone of the body, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and the heart, relieves muscle cramps. Sometimes used as an antiemetic..


Lemon Zest - 5 grams.

Oregano - 10 grams.

Melissa - 10 grams.

Boiling water - 300 ml.

Buckthorn bark, mint, nettle and calamus root

Buckthorn bark has a laxative effect, which has been known since the 14th century, is usually prescribed for constipation, and is useful for menopausal disorders. Harvested buckthorn bark can not be taken after a period of 1 year.

Nettle purifies the blood, improves metabolism, normalizes the menstrual cycle in women, and is indicated for diseases of the liver and gall bladder. Marsh calamus root helps strengthen hair, fight liver diseases, tuberculosis and nervous system diseases, and is effective for heartburn. Increases appetite, improves digestion, is used in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

The composition of the collection:

3 parts of buckthorn bark;

2 parts mint leaves;

3 parts of nettle leaflets;

1 part calamus root bog;

Boiling water - 1.5 cups per tablespoon of the mixture.

This tea should be infused for 4 hours, then strain and drink half a glass between meals 3 times a day.

Mountain ash, nettle (or dog rose)

Mountain ash is known for its bactericidal properties, it is used for gastritis with low acidity, for atherosclerosis and bleeding.

Rosehip strengthens the immune system and blood vessel walls. Lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, is a good source of iron and an antioxidant, and cures tuberculosis.

The composition of the collection:

7 parts dried rowan berries;

3 parts of leaves of nettle or dog rose;

Boiling water - 2 cups per tablespoon of collection.

Cooking is similar to the previous recipe. Take 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day.