Rider simulator

Rider simulator: principles of choice and training

The mechanism of operation of the rider simulator. Advantages of working at "rider", general rules for building a workout. What to look for when choosing a simulator.

The range of sports equipment is diverse, and each simulator has its own characteristics. The rider is:

Compactness. The standard simulator occupies an area of about 1 m2, its weight varies around 20 kg, so it is suitable for small apartments.

The load on the whole body. The movements of the simulator involve large muscles of the body in the work - this burns more calories and contributes to rapid weight loss.

Rider simulator

Broadcast indicators. The rider is equipped with sensors and a display that display the number of repetitions, movements, calories burned and training time.

Minimum restrictions. The smooth running of the simulator allows people with problems with joints and ligaments to work on it..

Low price. The cost of the "rider" is several times lower than the price of treadmills or elliptical trainers.

A rider will be a great option for fitness people with difficulties due to excess weight. It can be purchased for personal use, and when visiting a fitness club, it will help to conduct an intensive cardio workout, or effectively prepare the body before a strength program.

Features of training on a rider

Rider classes must begin with a warm-up: this will help to warm up and prepare the muscles and heart for an active load. As a warm-up, use jogging in place or jogging, jumping rope or waved hands, elements of gymnastics. Perform for 10 minutes, ending with 1-2 stretching exercises to ensure the comfort of further work.