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Morning yoga. Asanas complex for beginners and enlightened

Dawn Yoga. A complex of asanas for a pleasant awakening from Shelender Negi. Morning yoga exercises are an excellent charge of energy and energy for the whole day. Maintaining a beautiful body.

A set of exercises performed on an empty stomach stimulates the digestive system to act, freeing digestive juices, thanks to a gentle massage of the abdominal region. The digestive tract is stimulated, nutrients are better absorbed during the day and more energy is consumed..

Morning exercise is a source of youth. A man is as young as his spine is flexible. For the spine, a good stimulating exercise in the morning will be asana, in which the knee is pressed to the abdominal cavity:

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Feet standing on the mat.

Inhale and grab your knees with your hands.

Exhale and press your knees to your chest. Stay in this position for 10 calm breaths.

Remember that your knees should not be pressed too tightly to your stomach, because it can cause pain..

If you depend on extra relaxation, you can gently swing the body back and forth, left and right.

Morning yoga for beginners is good for training at any time, but it is better to take into account your body's predisposition and circadian rhythm. If you have time in the morning and do regular exercises, make it a rule to choose a short yoga session as the energy and charge of positive energy for the whole day. In the evening, you can get tired and avoid exercise..

In the morning, when the day begins with new energy, you can concentrate your strength, it is better to saturate the body with oxygen and have fun.

After you woke up

Morning will be good and awakening will not be a torment if you take care of the quality and quantity of sleep in advance. Get up, stretch, take a few deep breaths and devote 15 minutes to morning exercises. This is not a lot, but you should try and feel the positive effect of the regular implementation of the complex for beginners. You will need a yoga mat and some free space. Loose clothes: leggings, shirt, sports bra. Its better to prepare everything in the evening, so that you can quickly dress in the morning without wasting time.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular and is often recommended for relieving spinal pain, depression, autoimmune diseases, as well as many other diseases..

It not only helps to relax, but also increases blood circulation in the brain. You can do yoga by chance or make an informed decision. The most common is that people want to get rid of pain, strengthen muscles, improve concentration.

Regular practice

This is the only way to achieve the goal. The main requirement is regularity, without this you should not dream about the results. Even 15 minutes every day will bring positive changes in the body. When it is better to do yoga - in the morning or in the evening, it does not matter. At home, you can practice at any time and at no additional cost. For the convenience of performing yoga exercises, you can use a DVD player or classes with an instructor who will explain the rules. Doing exercises in the morning, take care of your mood, turn on relaxing music and start practicing.

Exercise in the morning accelerates metabolism. This effect persists throughout the day, which allows you to burn more calories than usual. The organism can be compared to a stove: in a well-heated stove, fuel burns out faster, with a high flame.

What kind of yoga to choose?

You can choose one of many types of yoga. Even if you dont know which choice is best for you, do not despair. Everyone can find something for themselves..

Ashtanga yoga is very dynamic. It will make you sweat so that after training your body will be relaxed and your head rested.

Yin Yoga is more calm and static. Recommended for those looking for peace from the constant daily bustle..

Hatha Yoga and Pranayama with Shelender Negi - Naturopath from India.

You need to try several types of yoga and choose the right one for yourself. Vedic yoga master Shelander Negi, having started practicing at an early age, not only healed his body and soul, but developed healing abilities and now heals people with various diseases. A person can do anything, just want to and a good guide to everyone in choosing the right yoga will be a guide to yoga.

Yoga - Simple and Effective

Gymnastics is very important for our health and beauty. Daily morning exercises will make the body supple and supple. Here are some exercises that will improve your appearance and health, bring vitality, good mood and energize you for the whole day..

your head

Yoga session to awaken the body and soul

Do it immediately after waking up to wake the body, stretch and strengthen the most important muscles.

Neck stretch

Tilt your head down with your chin on your chest. Raise your head and slowly take it as far back as possible.

Tilt your head to one side, touching your ear with your shoulder.

The shoulders are straight. Repeat for the other side..

Describe with your head a few circles around the neck.

Warm up

Jump 1-2 minutes on the mat.

Swing your legs back and forth.

Do not forget about the hips. Make them 5-6 gentle and soft circular motions.

Heat the muscles of the neck, hands and feet in the same way..

Tadasana or mountain position

The position is simple but needs attention..

Stand straight, lower your hands down.

The center of gravity is evenly distributed on the surface of the feet.

The muscles of the legs are tight, the knees are straight.

Open your chest, hands in the middle of the hips.

Shoulder blades move to the middle of the spine.

The top of the head faces the ceiling..

Hold in that position. Take 5 deep breaths.

Take a starting position.

Urdhva Hastanasana

Take a deep breath and raise your hands directly above your head. You can use a gymnastic stick, keep it shoulder-width apart.

Do not touch your ears with your shoulders.

Lower body remains in tadasan position.

your head

Look up at the palm of your hand. Take 5 deep breaths.

Leans Forward — Uttanasana

If you find it difficult to perform the exercise with straight legs and you feel tension in the spine, bend your knees slightly, and then slowly try to straighten them. The legs may be together or at hips apart, depending on how you feel comfortable..

As you exhale, bend to the ground. Straight legs.

Try to touch the ground with your hands or put your hands directly on the ground, touch your knees with your head. Neck relaxed.

Try to keep your back straight. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.

Stand up straight. Put your fingers together and raise your arms high up. Make several inclinations to one side and the other.

Garland Position - Malasana

It just fantastically stretches the back of the thigh, lower legs, ankles and groin, giving them elasticity and firmness. Contraindicated with low blood pressure and insomnia..

Stand in tadasana.

Extend your arms in front of you at chest level. Heels firmly pressed to the mat.

Bend your knees and do a deep squat.

If heels come off the floor, lay a folded blanket under them. It is important to have a stable foot position..

Exhale and spread your knees bent to the sides..

Arms bent at the elbows, position between the knees.

Put your palms together as in prayer and position them at the height of the solar plexus.

Elbows gently pressed to the knees.


Sit on a training mat.

Fold and straighten your legs.

As you exhale, pull your chest to your legs.

Hands cover the feet. Try not to bend your spine.

Take 5 breaths with each breath, try to bring your chest closer to your legs, dropping lower.

10 minutes of yoga in the morning brings many benefits that you do not expect initially: it is a pleasure, as well as good posture, deep breathing, calming, a burst of energy.

You will sleep peacefully, stress resistance and creativity will increase. Yoga has a positive effect on self-perception and enhances self-esteem. Performing the morning yoga complex will allow you to get rid of morning drowsiness, increase energy and help support it until the end of the day, when you again have to go to bed. It will increase the concentration of attention, it will be easier for you to focus on work, which will increase its effectiveness and will cope with problems faster.

It is important to try and make sure of its strength. Regular yoga classes in the morning can give amazing results, and yoga at home is a great alternative for people with an unregulated lifestyle, because they can sit on the mat at any time of the day..

Yoga can be implemented in practice by any person, you only need to be able to listen to the signals of your body, not to use asanas for which you are not ready.