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Kundalini Yoga Teachers

Yogi Bhajan - mentor of Kundalini Yoga, founder of the Healthy, Happy, Holly Organization of healthy and happy, based on the principle - "Happiness is your birthright".

Born in India, brought up in the tradition of the Sikhs. Between the ages of 8 and 16, Kundalini Yoga was taught by an enlightened master, Sant Khazar Singh. In his teachers you can also find the saint and healer Virs Singh and the hatha yoga teacher Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari (student of Maharishi Kartikeya).

During the chaos caused by the collapse of the British Empire in 1947, he brought 7,000 residents of his native village to a safe area in Delhi (325 miles walked). There he began to work for the government of India. In 1952, he married Bibi Indderut Kaur and are the parents of two sons and a daughter.

Great mentor

Since 1968, Yogi Bhajan began to openly teach in the West:




He did a great job among hippie youth, distributing yoga tools among them and talking about new opportunities, he taught, openly breaking the secret surrounding this technology for many centuries.

In America, under his patronage and with the help of the American Health Service, an accredited SuperHealth program for drug addiction and rehabilitation has been launched.

He spread and introduced to the Kundalini yoga people in the Western Hemisphere. He traveled and taught a lot, justified the institutes that train mentors and youth, took care of the purity of science and said: "This is not just life that matters, but the courage that you put into it." His quotes are a guide to life. He said that he came to prepare teachers, not to collect students.

He graduated from the University of Economics in Punjab, studied Vedic philosophy and religious studies, received the title of doctor at the University of Humanist Studies in San Francisco, defended his thesis, author of many books on the subject of spirituality, consciousness, communication, psychology. Based on his teachings, more than 200 books were written..

This great Teacher was a trusted management consultant and founder of a total of more than 14 global companies and corporations in various industries..

And such as:

healthy eating;

yoga teacher

computer security.

His company, Akal Security, protects government buildings, embassies and NASA.

As a supporter of Syrias peace and spiritual unity, Singh Sahib met with leaders of all faiths and encouraged and mobilized popes for dialogue: Paul VI, John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, the head of two churches of England - Archbishop of Canterbury.

Kundalini Yoga - the development of technology of human consciousness

Based on technology, including asanas, kriyas, pranayama and the wealth of mantras and bhajans, Kundalini Yoga provides experience and has a positive effect on the well-being of both physical and spiritual. According to quotes from Yoga Bhajan, masters of Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga - this is a practical system for the development of a person participating in public life, having a family, work, home, hobbies. The Kundalini Yoga formula allows a completely personal development and spiritual balance with an individual practical way of life.

Among other types of yoga, as Bhajan believed, Kundalini is characterized by a deep dimension of transformation, which entails regular practice - transformations at all levels of life.

Famous quotes of Yoga Bhajan:

There are three values: feeling good, being good, and doing good.

Wealth is the opposite of greed.

When the heart receives prayer, every heartbeat creates a miracle.

Everyone has the potential to be original..

Do not live with yourself - live for yourself.

You must be yourself.

Through meditation, you can calm the mind and develop what is important to you..

When you are calm, quiet and receptive, then you can develop. But when you are nervous, restless, scared, indifferent, you cannot achieve anything..

Happiness your birthright

Happiness is your birthright. Live it.

Chants to the Glory of God

These are ancient Indian spiritual songs that are sung in one of the oldest and most ancient languages in the world - Sanskrit, Marathi (derived from Sanskrit), which in itself is soft and melodic. You can listen and sing Bhajans: repeating phrases quickly catch everything, and in a short time a clear sound fills the whole room. Bhajans have such a property that the mind quickly relaxes and is freed from everything that is vain and petty, and singing unites people with different views, social status and religious trends. Sanskrit is a special language that is even taught in some special spiritual schools in England, because its pure sounds make people better, their consciousness reaches unity and harmony with the universe..

Bhajans are spiritual songs performed by musicians for religious works.

They express love, devotion and worship to either a particular deity or divine principles inherent in every living being. They came to us from Indian classical music and its canonical forms - a certain sequence of sounds that set the character and mood of the song. The chants last for several hours, and during the holidays - without a break, day and night, those present support the guru who sings them.

The chants were composed and arranged many centuries ago and have been preserved unchanged to this day. They represent the canvas, the structure on the basis of which an amazing variety and number of compositions is created..

An important element of improvisation is the expression of great creative energy and imaginative musicians. The singer, with the help of gestures of his left hand, depicts what you are waiting for or the images, landscapes that have formed in his imagination and translate them into sound before your eyes.

Singing bhajans, singers work at a very subtle level, extracting subtle, subtle nuances. They sing without a break, one soloist finishes, the other picks up the performance, having agreed who will sing and for whom, replacing each other.

Bhajans are a meeting of friends where everyone has the opportunity to sing, play, dance and relax in a positive atmosphere..

Pupils and followers

One of the followers of the Bhajan teachings in Russia and a yoga teacher - Alisa Rotenberg - is a certified teacher of Kundalini yoga, named after Hari Devta Kaur Khalsa. She has a higher technical education, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. In the early nineties, she got acquainted with Kundalini yoga and has since become its active distributor and teacher..

Alice Rotenberg founded a special unique program in Russia, which has no analogues, where she explains to her students the basics of the basics of Kundalini yoga, the principles of work and its effects on the human body. The program "Kundalini Yoga as a method of integrative body-oriented psychology and psychocorrection" pays great attention to the psychological methods of working with a person. The third important aspect of the program is the transformation that takes place with the trainers during the programs practice..

Rotenberg says: I love Kundalini yoga for not believing in it - an accurate, effective technology works for the most skeptical novice who has decided to try it in practice. And also because this yoga is for those who are looking for the realization of themselves, their creative potential in this world, and not detachment from it. .

Aleksey Vladovsky is another Sikh yoga teacher from Russia who has vast experience in teaching and a unique technique that helps to convey his knowledge to students. For this special manner, he is trusted and has many students who later become yoga teachers..

In addition to education in yoga, he received a psychological, tries to help people find a way out of difficult situations, holds consultations. Lessons with him relieve stress, instill confidence in oneself, in one's strengths and abilities, people undergo profound changes in life and spiritual growth, and life begins to play with new rainbow colors. The spiritual name of Alexei Vladovsky is Prabu Jal Singh Khals.

"Your words should be so strong that they influence your every feeling, be able to determine what is true and comes from the heart." Yogi Bhajan.