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Four Yoga Slimming Exercises

Struggling with excess weight? Dynamic yoga and its four exercises are the best way to lose weight and get rid of extra pounds forever. A way to burn fat effortlessly.

In the context of the body, yoga helps in the first place, increasing his awareness and helping to know him more. It helps to feel good in your body, teaches how to take care of it, appreciate its properties and accept limitations.

After regular practice of asanas, mood, general condition and physical health improve, and working capacity improves. The body gains strength, agility and flexibility.

The ability to breathe correctly is useful not only in yoga, but also in other activities, and most importantly - in everyday life.

Regular practice of asanas allows you to take care of the body and mood. 4 yoga exercises for weight loss will help one to lose weight, others to maintain a figure, or gain muscle mass. Yoga practice teaches to respect and accept your body and explore its potential, to perceive your spiritual world in a new way. As a result of long practice, it may turn out that not overweight, but the perception of yourself as a person, was a problem for you.

Why yoga helps to lose weight

If someone tried to fulfill the position of Surya Namaskar - a salute to the sun, he remembers that it always causes sweat. Exercise speeds up blood circulation and improves heart performance. When tissues are warmed up, blood supply and nutrition improves, thereby metabolism is accelerated. And it is not surprising that all yogis are lean and muscular..

Philosophy of mind and body

Yoga introduces a certain balance into life, harmony concerns not only the body, but also the state of the soul - this is a real philosophy of thoughts and a great way to relax and get rid of negative emotions.

A side effect of yoga exercises is silhouette modeling and weight loss, so recently yoga has gained high popularity.

It has long been known that exercises invented by monks bring many benefits to the body:

improve physical condition;

help fight stress;


allow you to get a balance of spiritual and emotional;

increase immunity, cleanse the body, increase vitality ...

Studies have shown

It is unlikely that anyone thinks of yoga as cardio exercises and aerobic exercises, but studies show that yoga can protect against cardiovascular diseases and metabolic risk factors (including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat).

lose weight

69 serious medical works on the subject of hatha yoga were investigated, and it was concluded that it gives the same results as more energetic exercises. We compared studies on the risk of diseases among people: practicing yoga, aerobic exercises and others, where there are a lot of movements.

Result: Yoga reduces body fat as well as cardio training, it lowers blood pressure, normalizes cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Yoga - a workout that gives pleasure and the opportunity to lose weight for those who want.

Provide a good figure

Unlike aerobics, yoga restores balance in the body, it not only stretches, strengthens and tones the body, but acts on the endocrine system, maintaining the balance of hormones that affect the body's water balance, appetite, mood swings and craving for a certain type of food. Yoga exercises are a form for muscle development, speeding up metabolism, which helps the body burn extra calories, even when you relax! Helps focus, relax, and defines goals that are important to remove excess weight..

Four yoga exercises for weight loss, included in the weekly program, are aimed at burning fat and do not require any special equipment.

They are available to everyone. They activate fat burning with simple movements designed for people who have never before had to deal with yoga related to breathing and visualization..

Yoga - where to start

In order to start your adventure with yoga, you must purchase a special mat or blanket made of foam for yoga (preferably from natural wool and natural fibers). Find the appropriate space in the house where there will be enough space and your peace will not be disturbed. Exercises are done barefoot or in special socks with anti-slip coating - it does not slip even when performing difficult positions.

Four Easy Beginner Exercises - Whole Body Weight Loss

As soon as progress has been made, you can begin to implement more advanced.

Baby pose

Get on your knees and put them on the width of your hips (or wider).

Sit on your calves. Inhaling, raise your arms vertically up.

Breathing out, bend over and place the body between the hips so that the forehead touches the mat.

Stretch your arms forward and lay on the mat. Stay in this position for 40-50 minutes.

Breathe deeply.

Return to starting position. Repeat exercise 5-6 times.

yoga exercises


You will need a fitness ball to complete the exercise. Its size should fit your height.

Put the ball on the floor and sit on it.

Legs are straight, feet are spread wide by hips.

As you exhale, keep your back straight and move your palms of your hands along your feet in the direction of your feet as far as possible.

Stay in this position for 40-50 minutes, feel the stretching of the muscles of the back and hips.

Return to a sitting position and repeat 4-5 times.


To complete this exercise, you will need a mat and a special yoga cube. It can be made of natural wood. Cube put on the mat.

Sit on a wooden cube, straighten your legs and spread them apart as wide as possible.

In this position, breathe through your nose..

The longer you can stay in this position, the higher your level will be, the wider you can expand your legs.

Sitting on a cube

This is another cube yoga exercise. You will need: a rug and two cubes.

Place the cube on top of one another.

Kneel with your back to the cubes.

Move your legs so that the cubes are between them. Sit on a cube.

Breathe deeply and linger in a position of 50-60 minutes.

Repeat the exercise using only one cube..

Now relax. Take a pillow to Zafu. Sit with your buttocks on the pillow and cross your legs. Place your hands freely on your hips, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Avoid everyday problems and anxious thoughts. After the session, feel relaxed and refreshed..