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Fitness for weight loss: home exercises for women and men

Correct forms and get rid of excess weight without leaving home. Effective fitness exercises for beginners. Great complex for women and men.

Everyone knows about the benefits of exercising in the gym. But when it comes to practicing at home, it is not so easy to argue for this type of training. It is worth highlighting several main advantages:

Time saving. The main advantage in the modern pace of life. Training in the gym lasts at least an hour. Add to this time the cost of the trip, because not always a fitness club is within walking distance from home. As a result, it turns out that it is worth allocating at least three hours from the personal schedule - this is an unacceptable luxury for family and busy people. Home training takes no more than thirty minutes.

Financial savings. Home exercises cost almost free. You only have to get a rug for classes and a sports uniform.

Fear or complex. The most common complex for both girls and men is public training. This is especially true for beginner athletes. Some are shy of their body, which requires weight loss. Some are afraid to look ridiculous, performing a set of exercises. At home you will be left alone with yourself and you will be able to relax.

Key points

Before you begin homework, you should familiarize yourself with tips for beginners. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that most girls focus on the problem areas of their body, forgetting about its other parts. These are absolutely wrong actions..

Homework should consist of many exercises that distribute the load on different muscle groups evenly.

The second important point is dieting. Classes will be effective only if you eat right:

Include more vegetables, fruits, and cereals in your diet..

Exclude flour and sweet.

Do not eat at night.

Drink plenty of clean still water, tea, freshly squeezed juices.

Do not forget about your skin:

Elasticity and ductility should be taken care of. A special cream or tightening wrap will help you.

A good effect is given by can massage, it will help get rid of stretch marks and skin irregularities that appear in the process of losing weight..

Getting started training

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For example, we give a set of classes for beginners. It is suitable for both girls and men. Fitness consists of cardio loads and strength exercises. Strength training is to perform physical activity, which is aimed at the development of muscles. They strengthen muscle potential and contribute to the formation of a beautiful figure..

Cardio loads are aimed at strengthening the heart and increasing the rate of respiration. They are aimed not at weight loss, but at heart training..

The union of strength training and cardio accelerates the process of burning fat and forms a beautiful muscle relief.

Power training

Begin with a warm-up. You can do it in the mode of independent improvisation. The duration of the warm-up is no more than 10 minutes. Advice for girls: include stretching exercises in the warm-up.


Put your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands in front of you.

Squat and make sure that your back is level and that your feet do not come off the floor..

Do 2 sets 25 times.

Push ups

Accept the emphasis lying down and begin to push up from the floor.

Do 2 sets of 20 times.


Lie on the floor. Bend your knees, rest your feet on the floor, and bring your hands behind your head.

Gently lift the body so that the shoulder blades come off the floor, then return to the previous position..

Control the lower back - it should not rise behind the shoulder blades. Do 2 sets of 25 times. For men, we recommend increasing the number of approaches to four times.

Raising the pelvis and one leg

process losing weight

Take a horizontal position. Bend your left leg at the knee and rest it on the floor.

Lift your right leg at an angle of 45 degrees.

Lift the pelvis and lower back for five seconds, lock this position.

Get down. Keep your pelvic and hip muscles tense.

Do 2 sets of 10 times on each leg. For men, this item may seem easy, we recommend that they increase the number of approaches or perform an exercise with weighting.

Side push-ups

Lie on your side. Legs should be straightened and joined..

A hand that is closer to the floor should grasp the body just above the lower back. For beginners, it is recommended to put it on the opposite shoulder.

Put your other hand on the floor with your palm.

Getting Started Pushups.

Control the housing; it should not be involved. Take 2 sets of 10 times on each side.

Cardio training

If you have a cardio trainer at home: a treadmill or a bicycle, then you can use them. If such attributes are absent, then use a skipping rope. You can just run on the spot. In order to speed up the process of losing weight, attach weighting agents to the ankles. You can buy them at a sports store. Weighting up to two kilograms are recommended for girls, up to four for men.

After each strength exercise, cardio exercises must be performed for two minutes..

As a result, you will get an alternating workout, a set of actions in which each strength training is supported by cardio loading. This set of loads gives an excellent effect with regular exercises at home..

Training mode

Such a training should be carried out 3 times a week. Select specific days and schedule your workouts. One workout should take 30 or 40 minutes. In those days when you have not appointed yourself to perform fitness exercises at home, you can arrange jogging in the fresh air or training to improve stretching.

The main thing is to keep yourself in good shape and not mess around.

After a week of regular training, you will notice the first pleasant results: your muscles will become stronger, your body will tighten a little, and the process of losing weight will begin. You just have to not give up, and develop willpower and go to the goal. Fitness should be an integral part of life for modern girls and men.