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Fitness at home

How to do fitness at home, what items are needed for this. Home fitness equipment. Basic nutritional rules for effective weight loss.

Many people believe that independent fitness is less effective, since classes in the fitness club are held under the close supervision of experienced trainers..

But it is not so.

Home fitness can be no less effective than classes with a trainer, if the program is correctly drawn up, subject to regularity and a responsible approach to training.

In order to equip a home gym, you will need several things:

The training space should be organized in such a way that nothing bothers you. Try to free up enough space for training - the optimal size of the territory is four square meters.

Cardio training simulator - any of your choice: step - platform, treadmill, exercise bike. If desired, a cardio simulator may well replace an ordinary jump rope.

One of the things that will be useful for classes will be fitball. With it, more than one training program can be performed on all major muscle groups.

Dumbbells, which, depending on the level of your fitness, you can choose from one to five kilograms. For beginners recommend choosing small sizes of dumbbells.

dumbbells expander

An expander is indispensable if you want to use fitness at home for weight loss. With its relatively low price, it is quite capable of replacing several bulky exercise machines.

Gym mat for classes. It will be a great help for girls practicing fitness in the house, it will provide you with a stable pose, not allowing you to slip or fall..

Comfortable clothing does not have to be athletic. The main thing is that each of the girls feel free and comfortable in her, she should not hamper her movements.

Laws of Home Fitness

If you want home sports to be effective enough, you must fulfill a number of conditions.

To achieve a sufficiently fast, lasting effect, it is necessary that the training is regular, preferably at the same time. Make your training program planned for the week ahead, without deviating from the plan. Beginners are recommended to accustom themselves to engage in their favorite TV show or series. So the classes will be held with interest, without unnecessary psychological stress.

Be sure to ventilate the room. This is necessary for a sufficient supply of oxygen into your body, since during physical exertion it needs much more than usual. Try to ventilate the room for at least ten minutes before training..

Do as many exercise approaches as necessary. For beginners, this will seem impossible at first. You can break one approach into several. Over time, your body will get used to such a load and you can perform the whole complex of exercises without rest.

Try to develop a set of exercises in which all major muscle groups will be developed. This must be done so that the girls' bodies in the end look symmetrical and are pulled up from all sides. If you have problem areas, then the program should focus on them, but do not forget about the others.

your body

In order to restore water balance during classes, drink water without gas in small portions. Try not to eat before and after the program is completed, at least two hours.

Load sequence

Home fitness training for girls should consist of exercises of varying degrees of activity. This is done so that the body is not overworked and the results of the classes are stable. Classes usually begin by warming up all muscle groups. For this we need a cardio simulator.

After cardiotraining comes the turn of power load. During it, some of the girls can focus on the muscles of a certain group or work out all the basic ones. For these purposes, dumbbells and an expander are used..

The stage by which the program ends is stretching. During it, the muscles that worked the most are relaxed. The stretch itself is also being worked out. It will give you flexibility and elegance, make your muscles more elastic.

How to eat

Effective home fitness is impossible without the basic elements of proper nutrition.

How quickly and efficiently you lose extra pounds will depend on how you eat..

We have already said that girls who want to lose weight are recommended to eat two hours before and after training. This rule must be followed so as not to harm the body. Before playing sports, food will make the process difficult and you will not be able to concentrate on the exercises themselves. After training, eating will overload your body, which is tired after exercise and is not yet ready to digest food..

The rest of the time there is recommended in small portions, but quite often so that you do not have time to get hungry.

In order to make it easier to control your appetite, you can create a notebook in which a record will be kept about the frequency and amount of food consumed. Such a diary can also be useful for beginners to record the frequency and number of approaches to different exercises during fitness classes..