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Fitball exercises for pregnant women. Trimester classes

A set of classes with a fitball for pregnant women in each of the trimesters. How to choose a fitball for pregnant women. Features of the exercise technique.

There are often situations when there is no possibility of independent fitting, and women take sizes at random. In the future, this leads to disappointment with the purchase, and the ball goes to gather dust in the far corner. How to choose a fitball for pregnant women and avoid a similar situation? There is a less accurate but effective method that correlates a womans height and the diameter of the ball.

for women whose height does not exceed 152 cm, a ball with a diameter of 45 cm is suitable;

growth fluctuations in the period 152-165 cm indicate the need to acquire a ball of 55 cm;

for people whose height is from 165 cm, a ball of 65 cm is suitable;

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with growth above 175 choose a ball with a diameter of 75-85 cm.

These parameters will help if there are no inflated balls on the window, or the purchase is made through third parties. For a pregnant woman in the third trimester, it is recommended to take a ball on which her hips will be 10 cm above the kneecaps. This is necessary so that the weight of the abdomen placed on the knees does not pinch the blood vessels.

Trimester load

The physical condition of the female body is constantly changing throughout pregnancy. The main stages are called trimesters and are 3 to three months. The first trimester is characterized as a dangerous period in which there is a high probability of termination of pregnancy. Avoid jumping, jerking, weight lifting, or quick movements..

With the permission of the attending physician, it is permissible to perform relaxing gymnastics on the fitball, excluding tension or contraction of the abdominal muscles. Already from the first trimester, you can begin to train deep and frequent breathing, which is necessary for a correct and successful delivery.

The second trimester is called the golden period: the hormonal storm has subsided, nausea, drowsiness and apathy have passed. The body wants movement, and classes are acceptable if there are no serious contraindications, or a doctors ban. It should be borne in mind that with an increase in the uterus, the center of gravity shifts, a serious load falls on the spine, joints and veins.