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Face-building - lifting massage for face contour lifting

A face massage for lifting allows you to always be on top and look young. There are a number of techniques that will help you master the principle of this type of massage..

Facebuilding - a firming facial massage, is carried out with the aim of preventing ptosis of soft tissue and age-related structural changes. Firming facial massage is carried out not only for preventive purposes, but also in the presence of changes in the structure of the skin. Eliminates the first signs of aging, tones, reduces the rate of development of age-related processes. A hardware or manual facelift is relevant in the following cases:

ptosis of the entire surface of the skin of the face or individual areas;

change in facial contours: lowering of the corners of the lips, dark circles under the eyes, nasolabial folds;

the presence of a second chin.

The safest types of massage that tightens facial contours are manual procedures. There are also contraindications to them..

Various skin rashes.

Inflammatory processes in the body.

Manifestations of rosacea.

Mechanical damage.

ENT problems.

Lymph node inflammation.

Hardware facial massage for tightening contours expands the list of contraindications. The procedures are not performed for cancer, diabetes, pathological abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular system, using pacemakers. Massage is contraindicated in exacerbations of chronic diseases and after cleansing the face.

Massage effect

An effective massage for lifting the oval of the face gives a positive result after the first session. There is a significant improvement in the structure of the skin, swelling goes away, there is a feeling of lightness. The face takes on a healthy color. The effect of the 1st session lasts 3-4 days. Regular massage effects and a set of special exercises for face lifting will help to ensure a stable long-term result..

Persistent positive effect provides a massage course. It lasts 2-3 months.

With a regular visit to a beauty salon or an independent massage, you can achieve:

elimination of puffiness;

smoothing small wrinkles;

leveling the structure of the skin, improving color;

increase elasticity, elasticity of the facial integument, better stability in relation to

mechanical damage, environmental influences;

reduction of folds of the nasolabial and T-zone;

facial massage

reduce the incidence of acne.

Face shaping facial massage is a natural facelift. Initially, it is better to visit a beauty salon and get acquainted with various techniques of self-massage, to determine whether in your case it is possible to tighten the oval of the face with a manual massage. In each individual situation, an individual program is selected, technical techniques and additional gymnastic exercises are prescribed..

The mechanism of influence on the body

Active action on the skin allows you to awaken the neural endings located in the immediate vicinity of surface tissues. Facial skin is thin and most susceptible to mechanical irritation. With the help of massage procedures, the effect of facial rejuvenation is achieved by increasing pressure in the vessels.

With the acceleration of blood flow, oxygen supply to the cells of soft tissues increases, swelling goes away by eliminating stagnant processes.

The outflow of lymph is normalized. Improving metabolic processes helps to increase the stability of the whole organism, reduce fatigue. Skin tissues begin to actively produce collagen and elastane. The study of biologically active points eliminates headaches, improving well-being and increasing the production of endorphins.

Techniques and techniques

There are several massage techniques..



Miostimulation is one of the most popular methods of hardware exposure. It consists in the use of devices that affect sleeping muscles and biologically active points with current. Under their influence, muscles actively contract, increasing tissue tone.

The procedures are performed using the devices Darsonval and Esma 12.01. The course and impact are purely individual. Massage is carried out in salons.

At home, manual massage is performed:





japanese face lift.

Each technique involves exposure to acupuncture points, which causes the muscles to stretch. Before carrying out any such procedure, you need to wash your face off your face. For manual exposure, essential oil for massage or cosmetic rejuvenation products are used. Especially carefully you need to prepare the chin for self-massage. The largest number of sebaceous glands is concentrated in this area. When choosing a massage product for the chin, pay attention to antibacterial oils (aloe vera, citrus fruits). Before starting massage procedures, conduct an express allergy test. Apply a small amount on the wrist and evaluate the result after 3 hours.

Rejuvenating at home

You can perform self-massage at home. Choose a comfortable technique, study the location of the lines. Massage for the facial zone is performed in several ways:

manual study of muscles, points and bones of the skull;

vacuum massage;

active points

spoon procedures;

ice massage.

Preliminarily take some face massage lessons from a professional masseur. Clearly follow the massage lines. It is necessary to start from the middle of the forehead. The fingers are being worked on: the index and middle of both hands. Place the phalanges of the fingers on the central part of the frontal lobe, press slightly, hold for 3 seconds. Lightly tap the massage tool. Each movement is performed 3-4 times for 2-3 seconds.

Return to starting position. Rubbing movements are carried out along the forehead line to the sides, reaching the temples. In a circular motion, massage them 2-3 times in one direction, then in the opposite.

Go down to your cheekbones. In a circular motion, work out the muscle tissue, pressing so that the fingertips feel the bone. Put your fingers on the bridge of your nose. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds. Gently sweep in the lower eyelid, from the inside edge of the eye sockets to the outside. We work out the upper eyelid in the same way, only above the eye sockets, without capturing the eye itself.

Place your index fingers near the corners of your mouth, on either side. The movement is carried out along the line under the cheekbones to the temples. Stop, hold your fingers on your temples for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the exercise. With small tweaks, of comfortable intensity, work your cheeks and cheekbones, gradually going down to the chin. Place the phalanges of the fingers in the central part of the chin. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Swipe along the massage lines to the side, with your arms turned upward, move to the cheekbones. The movement is carried out 3-5 times.

After placing the index fingers on the chin, with the pads of the thumbs from the center to the ears, work out the lower part of the chin in a circular motion. Raise your head up, with careful movements, work through the lymph nodes located under the neck, moving from the central part of the chin. Go down the neck down from the side, massage the clavicular region. Massage the area under the neck with stroking movements (prevention and elimination of the second chin). Stroking can be done from top to bottom or vice versa. The effectiveness of this does not decrease.

Wash yourself with a mild cosmetic product with warm water. Do not wipe your skin. Let dry naturally or pat dry with a paper towel.

With each session, gradually increase the pressure so that the skin does not get used to monotonous movements, otherwise active points will stop responding to irritation.

Vacuum massage

Small silicone jars are intended for these procedures. The movements are carried out strictly along the massage lines. Do not make sudden movements. It is better to first prepare the skin, massage it with a scrub. Apply the massage product with patting movements to irritate the active points and speed up blood circulation. Bruises and bruises will remain on the face without preparation..

The movements are carried out continuously for 10-15 minutes, with a slight pressure. Do not delay the skin, otherwise more wrinkles will appear. The purpose of the reception is to study the deep inner layers of the dermis, accelerate the production of elastane in the muscles.

Spoon massage

The oval of the face is quickly tightened with the help of a spoon massage. It is easy to learn and does not require large expenses. It is best to use cupronickel or silver spoons. For the procedure you will need 2 tablespoons, 2 containers with hot and cold water. First, massage with hot spoons, then with cold.

You need to start from the top of the face, moving smoothly down, with broken lines. Each manipulation is carried out 5-7 times. It is acceptable to use tapping and stroking. Tapping movements are used only on soft tissues..

Ice massage

To maintain the health and beauty of the skin, ice massage is used. Reception can be used as an independent procedure or an additional method of stimulation when performing manual self-massage. Ice is prepared from water or from a decoction of chamomile.

The technique involves performing movements along massage lines, avoiding lymph nodes. At the end of the procedure, pat your face with a towel. Apply a nourishing cream.

Japanese technique

Massaging movements for a facelift are performed with your fingertips or the entire palm. Manipulations are carried out in the direction of the lines of the lymphatic drainage system. The goal is to deeply study the bones of the skull, muscle tissue. The basic movement is carried out at the end of each additional. The fingers of the right and left hands are set under the auricles, in the area of the lymph nodes. After holding for 3 seconds, lower your fingers to the collarbone, gently massaging the side of the neck.

The movements are circular, plucked, high intensity. Before the procedure, the skin should be prepared, cleaned with a scrub and steamed. Massage models face contours. You can perform the procedure for people who have problems with being overweight. Not recommended for patients with thin body fat..

Frequency of use

Intensive massage courses are carried out 2-3 times a year. The duration of the course is 10 days with an interval between sessions of 3 days. To maintain beauty and health, sessions are held 1-2 times a month.

These are average norms. In each case, an individual course duration is selected based on the skin condition, age, human lifestyle.

Performing a face lifting massage for a facelift at home, provide yourself with comfortable conditions: ventilate the room, free up space, achieve complete relaxation of the body. You can take a tonic bath or a warm shower. By tightening the facial contour with massage, it is possible to improve the functionality of the subcutaneous glands, reduce the intensity of age-related changes in the structure of soft tissues and improve the general condition.