abdomen training program

Exercises for the abdomen: training program and useful tips

Exercises for the abdomen will make you attractive. They will return the tone to sagging skin, help to remove creases from the sides. Already after a month you will notice the first results.

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A seemingly straightforward exercise in practice turned out to be extremely effective in achieving a perfectly flat stomach. Let's try to read reviews of people about him. The vast majority admire the method because of its accessibility and versatility. Here are a few reviews as an example:

abdomen training program

I am 28 years old, gave birth to two children, I forgot to think about pumping up my stomach and removing my sides. But the trainer in the gym taught me to do a vacuum in my stomach. She was distrustful, but she began to practice. Already at 3 weeks, the waist became immediately smaller by a centimeter, and the tummy tightened! Be sure to try, you wont regret it!

Someone told my mom about the vacuum. For a long time I studied various information about this technique, I trained to hold my breath. At first, it turned out to be difficult to combine inspirations, exhalations with retraction of the abdomen. Only after some time and a certain amount of practice did I finally learn everything. The abdomen and sides became taut, but not much, because I have been practicing this activity for only a month. The most important thing is to ensure that everything is done correctly. If you exhale and draw in the stomach with insufficient force, nothing will come of it. By the way, I dont know why, but I still have pains in my head. .

The exercise is great. There is not only the work of the abdominal muscles, but also the activity of internal organs is being established. This is still a long time ago yogis used in their practice. Schwarzenegger himself uses the vacuum exercise. There is something to think about .