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Exercises for pumping the buttocks for men at home

Anatomical structure of the buttocks, a set of necessary athletic exercises, recommendations, training programs.

In order to achieve the desired faster, you need to perform a special set of exercises. To build muscle mass, all exercises must be done slowly, carefully working out the muscles. At home, without the use of additional shells, good results are given by exercises for squats, bends, lunges.

Exercise without using shells

Legs put a little wider than shoulders. We perform slow, deep squats, do not tear off the heels from the floor, the back is flat.

The legs are wider than the shoulders. We perform a semi-squat, and then slowly transfer the body weight from one leg to the other. Keep your back straight.

Leave the leg slightly bent at the knee a little back and to the side until it stops.

Legs shoulder width apart, arms behind head. We perform slow forward bends (the angle between the body and legs is about 90). During the entire exercise, keep your back straight, with a slight deflection in the lower back.

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Lunges. We stand straight, legs together. From the starting position we make a lunge with the foot forward, transfer the body weight to the leg standing in front, then return to the starting position, we do lunges alternately.

All exercises are done in 2 - 3 sets from 6 to 10 times.

The same exercises can be done with extra load, you can take dumbbells or a barbell, this will help to build muscles faster. But the first time, if the body is not used to such loads, it is worthwhile to complete the complex without weighting.

Exercises with improvised means (a hill, dumbbells, a rug)

Standing on all fours, do the swings back and up with the leg slightly bent at the knee. We try to pull the heel as high as possible (the middle muscle is well loaded). 2-3 sets of 8-10 times.

We lay face down on any hill with a solid surface. Hips should lie on the edge. We make swings with straight legs.

Lie down on your back. Tighten the heels and put on the mat near the buttocks. Hands along the body. We raise the pelvis, for a few seconds we fix it in the upper position. 2-3 sets of 8-10 times. After adaptation, this exercise can be performed by putting extra weight on the hips..

sets 8-10

Use of a hill (bench, low stool, step platform). Standing near the bench we put our foot on a hill, transfer weight to it and lift the body up. Then, smoothly, straining the buttocks, we return to the starting position and change the leading leg. To obtain maximum loads, the height of the platform should be such that if you put a foot on it, then the angle of bend of the leg in the knee was approximately equal to 90 . 2-3 sets of 10 - 12 times.

We make a small attack. Reliance on the leg in front, the leg standing on the back rests on the fingers. We do slow, deep inclinations with dumbbells in hands that should move along the supporting leg. The back should be straight, we try to load the muscles of the abdominal press, legs, buttocks as much as possible. 2-3 sets of 8-10 times.

In order to pump up the buttocks faster, the regularity of training should be at least two times a week. The results will be noticeable already in the second month of classes.

All these exercises are suitable for both man and woman, but the result depends on how intensively they are performed..

If the exercises are performed at an intensive pace, without weighting or with low weight, then the gluteal muscles will acquire a good relief and get rid of part of the fat deposits. But it will be at the expense of volume.

A set of male exercises aimed at increasing both volume and relief of the gluteal muscle is performed without jerking, without rushing, carefully working out the muscles with a small number of repetitions in one approach with a gradual increase in weight load.

A common opinion among men that the gluteal muscles are not particularly functional and therefore they can be ignored is erroneous. This muscle group helps to give the body a stable position during movement. If it is flabby, then the lumbosacral part of the back takes on this function, due to additional loads in this section there are pains, backache and possibly even hernias.

Thus, exercises for the buttocks will save you from many back problems. In addition, they help in the development of the muscles of the legs (especially quadriceps) and the press.

In addition, according to psychologists, it is this area, along with other masculine virtues, that pleases the female eye!