Technique execution

Exercises for pumping back at home

Exercises for the back at home can have the same effect as in the gyms. You need to learn some exercises and follow special programs..

A set of exercises for the back should be carried out no more than 2 times a week, because back muscles recover longer than others.

Before each workout, it is necessary to warm up the muscles and stretch the joints by a good workout. We want to pump our backs, not injure her.

Each training session requires changing the set of exercises, as the nature of the load should not be addictive to the muscles.

Exercises for the back at home for the first time must be carried out according to special programs. Only with experience, when you can feel the action of each muscle and joint, is it allowed to do exercises to failure.

Exercise Technique for Strengthening the Back

Upper back muscle training

Dumbbell Dumbbell

One of the standard exercises for the development and strengthening of the broadest muscles. When performing this exercise, two halves of the back work immediately equivalently, a large muscle complex is involved, which positively affects not only the spine, but also helps with weight loss.

Technique of execution:

Take the dumbbells in hand;

We put our legs together; you can bend it slightly at the knees;

Lower the body body down so that your body is approximately parallel to the floor;

Raise your elbows up along your body until your shoulder blades connect;

Slowly lower your arms to the floor until you stretch your muscles.

Pull Up (Classic)

One of the oldest exercises designed for men, which serves to strengthen the muscles of the back and arms. At a basic pace, it does not carry large energy costs, like other exercises, so if you are only engaged in losing weight, then this exercise will not work for you. But pulling up is the most effective exercise to strengthen the spine. With increasing distance of the arms, the tension on the latissimus muscles increases..

Technique of execution:

We accept the position of the hang (the thumb should be on top of the crossbar, and not grasp it);

We put our hands a little wider than the shoulders;

We rise until the chin reaches the crossbar;

Then we go down.

Dumbbell Deadlift

Serves as an assistant in the case when it is necessary to hammer the muscles to the end. The most energy-intensive exercise from this workout, as the same exercise has to be performed 2 times. We recommend using this exercise when losing weight (if losing weight is your main concern, you can reduce weight and increase the number of repetitions).

Technique of execution:

Take one dumbbell.

back home

One leg in front with a bent knee, the other is the back support.

We place the dumbbell in the hand, on the same side where the straight leg is.

The second hand should be in focus (for example, on a table, chair, etc.).

Lower the case 90 degrees;

Raise your hand to the maximum muscle tension;

Low back muscle training


Serves to strengthen the lower back, as well as the buttocks. A popular exercise among girls (though with the lowest weight of dumbbells), because It is famous for its effect on weight loss and tightens the most problematic areas of the body. If you use at least average weight, you need to conduct a thorough set of exercises to warm up the muscles and joints, otherwise you can tear your back.

Starting position:

Bend your back in the lower back while standing;

The legs are shoulder-width apart, slightly bent at the knees;

We press our hands closer to the body (its convenient for you, you can lower it when tilting, you can press it to the body - it is important that you are comfortable doing the exercise).

The exercise process:

Gradually bend over, while tilting the body 90 degrees;

Go to the starting position.

Tight grip pull

Serves for the development of the lower part of the latissimus muscles, to strengthen the chest, as well as the spine. As in the first workout, ineffective in losing weight.

Technique of execution:

We accept vis on the crossbar (hands close to each other);

We rise until we reach the chin of the crossbar;

We try to go down slowly (at least 2 seconds);


It is usually used by athletes to finish a workout, but for a beginner, it is also suitable as a main exercise. Effectively with weight loss, it involves the muscles of almost the entire back, serves to strengthen and tone the spine.

Technique of execution:

We are looking for any surface where you can place your legs.

It is desirable that the feet rest somewhere.

The body should be in the air, parallel to the floor.

Technique execution

It is advisable to hold your hands behind your back (artificially increases weight and there is an effect on the latissimus muscles), but if its difficult, you can hold it for the first time along the body.

Slowly lower the body;

Back to starting position.

Training program

Training should be carried out 2 times a week: one training for the upper back and the other for the lower. Such a program allows muscles to recover in full..

1 Week

Training of the upper back (breaks between sets of 3 minutes):

Warm up

Tilt dumbbells in an incline - 10 times (try to choose the weight so that you can do this number of times);

Pullups - 5 times;

Tilt dumbbell in a slope - 10 times;

Pullups - 5 times (if you feel that 5 times is a light amount, you can increase it);

If you feel that this is not enough for you, you can repeat the set of exercises from another 1-3 approaches;

Dumbbell deadlift - 10 times;

You can take regular vis on the horizontal bar to stretch your muscles;

The last jerk is the maximum amount of dumbbell traction in focus;

Lower back training (breaks between sets of 5 minutes):

Deadlift - 15 times;

Narrow grip pull-up - 5 times;

Deadlift - 10 times;

Narrow grip pull-up - 5 times;

Deadlift - 5 times (if you can do more, then do it, but try not to do this exercise to failure, because you can injure your back);

If you feel that this is not enough for you, you can repeat the set of exercises from another 1-3 approaches;

Hyperextension - to failure;

Hang on the horizontal bar (you can normal) to stretch the muscles;

Repeat hyperextension.

If your main goal is losing weight, then reduce the time of breaks, reduce the weight of dumbbells, increase the number of times in the approach. Pull-ups can be left not low because in fact, it does not reduce your weight, but it tightens the muscles, which will increase the visual effect.

Something like this is possible to pump your back at home, but remember that you should not be lazy, do it and you will feel the result in a month. With the correct implementation of the whole complex of exercises, the widest muscles will develop faster than anyone, and the rest will only visually (and actually) strengthen your back.