Exercises legs legs

Exercises for legs, legs and buttocks at home

Training program for resilient Brazilian priests. Effective exercises at home in a short time will help bring your thighs, butt and legs into perfect shape.

These same exercises are suitable for women of different ages who want to pump up and tighten their ass without much effort and time at home.

Before the main complex, it is important to warm up well and stretch the muscles of the buttocks.

Therefore, five minutes before the training we perform a warm-up: running, jumping, twisting from one side to the other, swinging arms and legs. An active warm-up will prepare the body for training, make the muscles more supple, start the work of the cardiac system, accelerate respiration, raise the body temperature so that we can smoothly move to a more intense load of the buttocks at home without compromising health.

There is also a psychological factor. During the warm-up, we are mentally attuned to the lesson. After warming up, we can smoothly proceed to our gluteal complex at home..

Squats, socks apart 45 degrees

At the first stage, we have to do a series of squats. They are simple in technology, but intense and effective. Squats at home allow you to better pump up the ass, if you use additional weights.

The first version of squats. Exercise allows you to pump up the ass and hips, stabilizes the spine, develops the muscles of the abdomen and back. More about the technique:

We put our legs wider than shoulder height, deploy the socks apart, fold our arms crosswise on the chest, you can stretch forward.

With an exhale we go down so that the hips fall parallel to the floor.

With a breath we rise back.

Keep your back straight while squats..

30 reps.

Heels to the ceiling from a rack on all fours

The next exercise for the priests is performed on the floor. For convenience, it is better to put a rubber mat on the floor. We get on all fours. Now the execution technique:

We lower our elbows to the floor and draw our stomach in. In this position, the pelvis is located slightly above the shoulders.

With an exhale, raise the right foot as high as you can, stretch your heel to the ceiling.

With a breath, gently lower the thigh to the starting position.

Watch your lower back not bend down.

The position of the housing must be perfectly level..

Do 30 reps with your right heel.

Rest a bit and do 30 reps for your left leg.

Bringing the hips to the side from the supine position

The next position is nothing more than ordinary leg swings, allowing you to pump up the outer side surface of the thighs. Bringing down the frogs is the most effective exercise for strengthening the frogs and buttocks. As in any other exercise, the result will depend on the correct execution..

We lay down on the right side. Raise the case slightly from the floor, putting your right hand on your elbow and fixing your head on it.

With an exhale, raise the left leg higher.

With a breath, lower the leg down, but keep it on weight so that it does not touch the second leg.

Exercises legs

Repeat the exercise again..

Perform repetitions until a strong burning sensation arises in the muscles, and there is no longer any strength to continue the exercise.

Thus, at least 25 repetitions should be obtained.

Roll over to your left side and start pumping up your right leg.

Skaters lunges

This is Gillian Michaels favorite exercise. It makes the butt resilient, and for its implementation at home we do not need any additional accessories. Skaters lunges - this is an unusual variation of lunges, which improves coordination and allows you to pump up the ass and lyashki, and also perfectly pumps the muscles of the body. Technique of execution:

We stand straight, legs are put together, we put our hands on our sides.

With an exhalation, we make a special lunge back with the help of the right leg. In a simple lunge, the leg is set straight, but for the lunge of the skater it is necessary to put the leg diagonally back.

On inspiration, we put the right leg back.

We make efforts and rises due to the front leg.

Repeat the exercise now with the left foot.

Do 20 repetitions on each leg..


And finally, the final task. To do it at home you need dumbbells. In their absence, you can use a barbell or other scales. You can pick up a liter bottle of water. The load should not be very heavy. You can start with five kilos.

This exercise is universal, it wonderfully complements any training complex..

Getting straight with your knees slightly bent.

Take the prepared weight in both hands..

Breathe forward to keep your back level..

Knees remain half bent during all reps.

With an exhalation, we lift the load, squeezing the buttocks.

When lifting, we reduce the shoulder blades. Thus, the muscles of the back are unloaded.

25 reps.

Butt Training Guidelines

Effective home workouts for resilient butt and lassie are possible. This fitness complex will provide you with a beautiful shape of priests and frogs, help make them strong and elastic. A few recommendations from leading fitness industry experts will help make home workouts even more productive. Therefore, in order to quickly see the results from training at home, you should follow some rules:

Regularity. Train at home regularly. Exercises should be done at least three times a week. This is the only way to count on the result. Being engaged less often, it is impossible to pump up the priest and lyashki. It is not recommended to exercise every day, then the muscles will not have time to recover. Its better to rest between training for at least a day..

Proper breathing. You need to breathe properly. The force should be accompanied by an exhalation. Failure to do so will reduce exercise effectiveness..

Gradualness. The load must be gradually increased. Having mastered the existing program, add another approach to it. Instead, you can increase the load and pump up the ass and lyashki using weights.

Cardio. In addition to power, you need a cardio load. If the priest has cellulite, or if you want to achieve weight loss in the buttocks, you must definitely combine strength training with cardio. It can be running, jumping rope, aerobics. Cardio loads should be given three to four hours a week.

That's all the necessary knowledge needed to strengthen the buttocks at home. Putting all this into practice, you can achieve excellent results at home. As a result - forget about cellulite, loose skin, lack of relief. We wish you sporting achievements!