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Exercises for elastic hips and buttocks at home

How to train your hips and buttocks? What exercises will be effective for losing weight? The best exercises for training at home with animated pictures.

The muscles of the hips and buttocks in humans account for almost half of the total muscle mass. Therefore, their condition depends on general physical fitness, metabolism, habits and daily routines, and especially on proper nutrition. Therefore, at home, in order to quickly lose weight or get rid of unloved stretch marks, you can not limit yourself to just training.

Under the skin of the hips and buttocks there are more than a dozen different muscle groups of the hip joint, they are responsible for changing the position of the body, movement of the hips, squats, flattening or legs. Some of them are "hard to reach" for training and require the exact execution of special exercises. At home, in violation of the performance technique, the effectiveness of such training falls to 0.

The right approach to training

At home, it is extremely important to perform the exercises correctly, for this it is better to do them in front of the mirror. Contrary to general opinion, muscles do not grow during exercise, but during rest after it, therefore it is recommended to alternate exercise and rest. Exercise 3-4 times a week, but no more, you can increase the number of workouts later.

To achieve the desired result at home, there is one secret - a positive attitude. With him, the benefits of training noticeably grows, but more importantly, there is a desire to train further. While maintaining a good mood, gymnastics becomes a habit along with brushing your teeth or washing your face..

Do not immediately work hard in order to quickly pump up your hips or get rid of nasty stretch marks, it is better to pull in gradually, then it will be easier in your legs and you will get more pleasure. Start with simple tasks, in a week or two, when gymnastics becomes familiar, you can increase the load.

Be patient, the first result you will notice in one or two months, you can also get rid of stretch marks that tormented you. And ideal hips, a line of legs and buttocks at home can only be pumped up after six months or a year of regular training. The best recommendation here is to train not for a distant goal (to build a beautiful line of hips, buttocks and legs), but for a near result (get satisfaction here and now). This motivation will give you strength to overcome daily laziness and fatigue..

To lose weight, and someone to get rid of stretch marks, you need to be careful about your diet and drink. A diet is not needed, but quick weight loss and removal of stretch marks requires exclusion from the diet of rich, fatty and sweet foods. Drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. It is useful for weight loss in addition to performing exercises to run, ride a bike or ski, as well as engage in dancing or swimming.

Proper preparation

Effective exercise requires a warm up. It charges you with energy and the desire to engage, if you are too lazy, and you do not want to do the exercises, you can just do a warm-up and a desire to continue to appear on your own. The main thing is that the warm-up protects you from excessive fatigue after training, as well as from sprains and injuries of the muscles of the hip belt. The lesson itself also increases its effectiveness..

To warm up at home, you can perform:

Running on the spot;


Walking in place, raising his knees high;

Torso (shallow);

All kinds of hand rotations;

Hip belt rotation;

Foot Machs (smooth).

General rules

When performing any exercise at home, you need to monitor compliance with several rules:

When performing gymnastic exercises, watch your breathing, breathe in muscles, while exhaling give rest. This rule is used in training even by professional athletes..

All exercises at home are best done in front of the mirror, so you can control the correctness of their implementation..

Pull up your stomach and keep your back straight and your shoulder blades brought together..

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Breathe deeply, this increases the effectiveness of the workout. For weight loss, this is especially important, oxygen will allow you to quickly get rid of fat and stretch marks..

The number of approaches and movements depends on your training, if you have not been involved in sports before, then it is better to do 15-20 movements and one approach. With the strengthening of the muscles of the hip joint, you can increase movement up to 20-30 times and do 2-3 approaches. Gradually bring the number of approaches to 4 times, there is no point in doing more. Effective workouts - 3-4 lessons per week.

You cant sit or lie down during rest, walk better, at home you can go and take a sip of water (but just dont get drunk to the dump). When making approaches, it is better to first perform one exercise, and then move on to another, after completing the entire complex, return to the first and perform it again. Take a break for 30-40 seconds between 2-3 exercises, but still be guided by well-being.

Exercise at home at a strictly defined time, practice has proven that scheduled classes are much more effective than the opposite. Classes spend at least 30-40 minutes after eating. If your goal is to lose weight or get rid of annoying stretch marks, then classes should take place 1-2 hours after eating, and even better in the morning. At the same time recharge your energy for the whole day.



Sumo Squat - You can call this exercise. Unlike the classic ones in a wide setting and legs spread with the feet outward. This squat should be alternated with the usual ones in order to pump up the muscles of the hip joint more evenly. Squat in sumo style once, do regular squat for the second time and repeat again.

Do not squat below the knee, it is harmful to the muscles, do not lean forward and keep your back straight.

Raise your foot on all fours

Stand on all fours, the angle in the legs for the knee joint should be 9 °, take your hips back and forth, lift them so that they are parallel to the floor. Exercise allows you to pump the upper part of the buttocks.

Raise leg while standing

Standing on one leg, maximize the second leg back, but keep the leg straight.

Hands are best held at the waist, but if you dont keep your balance, then grab the wall.


Lie on your back and lift one leg up, the second rest against the floor and bend at an angle of 9 °.

The leg raised up must be straight and must be held strictly upright..

The task is to raise the hip belt as much as possible, you need to rely only on the shoulder blades and foot of the second leg.

Gym Ball Exercise

Need a big inflatable gym ball.

Stand with your back against the wall, place the ball between your back and the wall, extend your feet shoulder-width apart so that the pelvis is 15-20 cm behind your legs (depending on height).

The task is to do squats so that the hips are parallel to the floor.

This exercise allows you to pump up the front line of the legs, and also aligns your posture.

Squats near the chair

You need a chair, put it behind you (this task is best done standing sideways to the mirror), squat so that your butt barely touched the edge of the chair. To do this, it is better to move the chair back, the back should be straight, and the feet should be parallel to each other. With this exercise, you can learn to do the correct squats, and this is very important when training the muscles of the thigh and buttocks.

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Stand straight on your feet, bend one leg so that the angle of the knee joint is straight, and lift it forward, let the thigh line be parallel to the floor.

Bend the same-named hand at the elbow and pull it back, and pull the other forward (as if you pulled a bow string).

Lean forward with this

and stretch the raised leg back, and pull the arm of the same name down.

Return to starting position without touching the floor.

Squat in step

Put your feet shoulder width apart and take a step forward, put your front foot on the heel and the back foot on the toe.

Squat with your front foot on the entire foot, with a gap of about 10 cm for the knee joint and floor.

Lean your body forward while squatting..

Squat with a chair

Put a chair behind you, stand with your back to it and put one foot on the chair with your toe.

Put your supporting leg slightly in front of the hip joint, squat so that the knee of the front leg does not extend forward of the foot.


Put your feet shoulder-width apart, while inhaling, take an oblique step forward and to the side (creating a cross in the legs).

After this, as you exhale, take a step with the same foot back and to the side (creating a cross in the legs). It turns out like you're curtsy.

Crouch and push off

Put your legs wider than your shoulders. Sit on one leg, with the opposite hand touching the toe of that leg, do the squat not complete so that your hand reaches out, but so that it is straight.

On the exhale, push your foot to stand upright with your hands on your belt, and hold the heel of your foot in your hips.

Exercise Helps Build Your Outer Thighs.

Squat Machi

Place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, do a shallow squat, hands are on the belt.

On a breath, sit down, slightly bending your knees, and on the exhale stand, lifting one leg to the side.

Exercise lets you build the inside of your hips.

How to finish gymnastics

Reduce the load gradually, you started the exercises with a warm-up, and finish it. Do the swings with your feet, step on the spot, rotate the hip belt. This ending will allow you to get rid of pain in the muscles of the thigh and buttocks after the first lesson. If you have completed all the exercises and warmed up, then you can take a shower. During training, you can take 2-3 sips of water, you can completely get rid of thirst only after training.