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Exercises for children on the Swedish wall

The Swedish walls for the home offer tremendous opportunities for the physical development of children. Exercises on the Swedish wall for children of preschool and primary school age.

Such exercises on the Swedish wall for preschool children contribute to the training of endurance and dexterity. It will be appropriate to call each exercise its own name, associating it with animals, objects, or fairy-tale characters. It will be important to maintain a smooth transition, from simple to complex.

An approximate set of exercises for preschoolers:

name and type

what is developing and strengthening


complicated option

hanging "monkey on a liana"

muscles of the arms, legs and back, the spine is stretched;

on the crossbar, then hang on the rings, holding with both hands, and hold on when counting to 10;

hanging on one arm, with alternating shift;

hanging with pulling straightened legs up;

pulling up the mushrooms

upper back muscles;

children Swedish

from the hanging position, pulling the entire body upward to a small distance;

from the vis position pulls the entire body up to the crossbar;

Squatting on the bars of the Chuh-Chuh train

muscles of the legs and back;

hold the upper crossbar with your hands, pull up your legs and set on the lower crossbar, perform squats 3-5 times;

Squat on one leg with the other leg up in a straightened position;

climbing a rope ladder "bugs"

ankle joints;

rise and fall down 3-5 times;

rise and fall down 10 times;

hanging on the horizontal bar "fish"

muscles of the arms, legs, and back;

from the vis position start rotational movements of the feet to the right and left;

from the vis position, perform circular rotations with legs interconnected.

For kids, the children's Swedish wall is a fun and healthy pastime. Excessive fatigue is harmful, so you should start by doing 2-3 exercises. Classes at the gaming complex are good to start after a preliminary run on the spot - the lion cubs are running.