Dumbbell Breeding

Exercises, exercises and home workouts with dumbbells

Exercises at home with dumbbells for women and men, a set of exercises for all muscle groups. Description of involved muscles, execution technique, training programs.

Dumbbells are suitable for developing muscle at home primarily due to their small size - they are conveniently folded in the corner or rolled under the sofa, while exercise machines take up a lot of space in the apartment. Other advantages of dumbbells, explaining their popularity:

With them you can do a lot of exercises;

Ease of use

Low cost;

High performance sports at home.

Exercises with dumbbells, subject to regular and correct execution of the program, as well as adherence to the daily routine and a balanced diet, can solve any problem:

Burn fat;

Improve the body;

Make the figure beautiful;

Build muscle.

What dumbbells need to get?

For girls and women for home workouts, removing fat and improving the figure, at first you can do with 3, 4, 5 kg dumbbells, depending on the preparation. With small 1 kg dumbbells, you are unlikely to achieve anything.

Strength exercises to build muscle relief require collapsible dumbbells, which weigh a lot with all the pancakes. Novice athletes have enough light weight, large should be avoided, saving themselves from injuries. But over time, pumping muscle at home requires weight gain. Let's move on to exercises that can be included in a home workout program that allows you to develop all muscle groups and improve health..

Hand and shoulder exercises

With triceps biceps, the bodybuilder program usually begins: both in the gym and at home. We will start with an exercise for several muscles at once - triceps, biceps and deltoid muscles.


Elbow bending and bench press

Starting position (hereinafter - IP): standing, arms along the body, turn the palms back with the palms. Exhale - bend your arms, lifting weight to your shoulders. Another exhale - squeeze dumbbells. Inhale - hands back to shoulders. Another breath - return to the IP. Hereinafter, the effort is made only on exhalation - remember and observe this rule.

Elbow bending

IP: hands with palms forward. Standing or sitting, pressing your elbows to your sides, use your biceps to lift the dumbbells to your shoulders.


The same flexion at the elbows, but the palms are turned to the body. Plus the Hammer: the biceps and brachialis are involved - the muscle located under it.

Bending one arm at an elbow while sitting

IP: sit with legs spread wide, bend slightly, press the elbow of the hand with a dumbbell to the thigh from the inside, rest your free hand in the belt or second thigh. Palm out. Gently bend your arm focusing on the work of the biceps. Then return to the IP and repeat the same with the second hand.


French bench press

IP: standing, or sitting on a stool, or lying on a bench. Elbows raised, hands behind the head. Then extend your arms at your elbows. Return to starting position (hereinafter - IP).

Extension of the arm in an inclination

IP: forward bend, elbows pressed to the sides, hands down, palms turned forward. Need to stretch your arms at your elbows, then return to IP.


Palmar flexion of the hands

IP: sitting, elbows on the hips, wrists in front of the knees, palms turned up. Raise the hands while bending the hands at the wrists, do not move your elbows, return to IP.

Back extension of brushes

Perform, as the previous exercise, with palms down.

Shoulder girdle

The deltoid muscles most of all "love" exercises with dumbbells.

Bench press or sitting

IP: dumbbells at the shoulders, elbows at the sides. Slowly lift the dumbbells. Then return to the IP. Performing sitting helps to turn off the body to perform bench press cleanly - without jerking and staggering.

Straight Dumbbell Lifting

IP: standing, hands along the body, turn the palms back with the palms. You need to lift the dumbbells upward by the sweep of straight arms, and then return to the FE. Exercise for the front of the deltoid muscles and upper back.

Side lift

IP: as in the previous exercise. It is required to spread your arms to the sides and, while continuing to move, raise. The third step is to return to the IP. For the middle part of the "deltas" and trapezius muscles.

Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding

IP: tilt forward, arms down, palms turned inward. The second step is to lift the weight with the sweep of your hands. The third is to return to the IP. For the back of the "deltas" and the latissimus dorsi.

Torso Exercises


Bench press

A frequent element of the bodybuilder program with the use of a barbell, exercises with dumbbells is its equivalent replacement in the classroom at home.

your hands

Dumbbell Breeding

IP: lie down, raise your hands up, slightly bend at the elbows. Next, spread your arms to the sides, lowering the dumbbells. Return to PI (on exhalation). You can maximize the amplitude of motion by making scissors.


IP: lie down, raise your arms with one dumbbell up. Next, lower your arms back (behind your head) without bending at the elbows. Return to IP.


Press less than all muscles loves exercises with dumbbells. But exercises for the abdomen exist with them.


IP: lie on the floor on your back, raise your legs, bending your knees - hips perpendicularly, ankles parallel to the floor. Hands spread apart. The next step is to straighten your legs diagonally. Raise your head and shoulders, bring your hands together. Return to IP.

Side twisting

IP: lie on the floor on your back, raise your head and shoulders, bring your hands together. Turn left and right alternately.


The development of the back muscles is associated with the condition of the spine, and therefore the whole body. In the athlete's program, the load on the back is mandatory, since it is convenient to train at home with dumbbells. Exercises for the upper back:

Shrug with dumbbells in hand;

Craving for the chin. IP: standing, take one dumbbell with both hands; spreading elbows, pull the weight to the chin (try to perform movement by the force of "trapezium").

For the middle back:

Tilt to waist

IP: tilt forward, arms down, palms turned inward. Keep your lower back straight or slightly bend back (up). Bending your arms, lift the weight to your belt. Perform back muscles, straining the wings and relaxing your biceps as much as possible. The pull to the belt with each hand in turn allows you to better concentrate on the work of the muscles and work them out more carefully.


It needs heavier weight. Try to lean lower, but keep your back straight. This is more important than touching the floor with dumbbells..

Butt and leg exercises

The muscles located below the waist can also be well developed at home..

Sumo Squats IP: legs wide apart, toes apart. Shallow to sit down. Return to IP.

Lunges forward, backward, side lunges. Leg movements are good to perform at the same time as the press of light dumbbells.

Climb on socks. Ankle Muscle Exercise.

When performing squats at home, it should be borne in mind that:

Squats to the position thigh parallel to the floor load mainly the front surface of the thighs (quadriceps);

Lower squats also put strain on the back of the thighs and buttocks..

Exercises for women

For women doing sports at home, an approximate set of exercises with dumbbells is suitable:

Lunges of legs in different directions with a dumbbell press.

Dumbbell Breeding.


Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding.

Dumbbell Squats - Regular or Sumo.

Chin pull (can be done with two light dumbbells).

If this is not enough, feel free to add to the program the exercises from the above that are pleasant and seem useful to your figure. Exercises with dumbbells for women are designed to burn fat, improve body tone and overall well-being, only last but not least develop muscle. There is no need to pump up huge hillocks, it is enough to strengthen muscles and draw beautiful lines. Therefore, women and girls should:

Perform a large number of repetitions (from 15 to 25);

Perform movements at a fairly fast pace - starting with a relatively calm pace and gaining pace with the growth of experience and training.

How to train men

Men can easily make a set of exercises with dumbbells on their own, based on their own abilities and wishes - which muscles (muscle groups) should be pumped more carefully than others.

Choose one exercise for each muscle group..

Add one to three exercises for the "focus areas".

Dilute two or three exercises for one muscle group in time - alternate with the load on other muscles.

To build muscle:

Take heavy enough to properly load them;

Follow the approaches of 6-8, not more than 10 repetitions;

Having reached the limit of weight weights, increase the number of approaches, rather than repetitions;

Work at a slow pace, focusing on the proper exercise.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember to warm up before sports - warming up muscles and stretching the spine, as well as light relaxing movements of the limbs after training at home.

Distinguish the good reasons for refusing a workout for a day or a long period and the disrespectful ones suggested by insidious laziness. And the goal - a beautiful body - will be achieved.

Perform the complex either every other day or three times a week - give the muscles and body a rest, but without violating the principle of regularity of sports.