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Exercises and workouts for losing weight at home

A specially designed set of exercises for training muscles and losing weight at home will help you lose weight without going to the gym..

The name "7 minutes" speaks for itself. Only seven minutes a day need to be devoted in order to quickly get the desired result. The course consists of 13 exercises, which must be done within 30 seconds each. There is a break of 10 seconds to rest. Trainers advise doing exercises in the morning when the body is full of strength.

The 7-minute course is divided into 3 workouts:

Classic workout;

Exercises on the stomach;

Butt exercises.

You should begin training 2 hours before eating or 2 hours after eating. During classes it is recommended to drink plenty of water. The liquid will expel excess harmful substances and give strength.

Each workout lasts seven minutes. If you really want to lose weight soon, then you can do the whole course at once. Its duration is 21 minutes. Exercises of this complex can be performed at home. All that is needed for a lesson is a chair, walls and a great desire to repeat actions in two or three approaches. The course is not difficult, and anyone can do it. Let's consider in more detail all the workouts, after which we will take up weight loss at home.

Classic workout


Spread your legs wide.

Raise your hands uphill (above your head).

After the leg jump, return to the first (initial) position, and place your hands on the sides.

Such an exercise makes all large muscle groups move. This is a complete strength training..

Sitting on the wall

Need to stand with your back to the wall (the back should have been in an equal position).

Lower your legs so that your knees form an angle of 90 degrees (straight).

Hold on like that for 30 seconds.

With this load, the thigh muscle is strengthened.


To correctly push up, you need to raise and lower the whole body on your hands, keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Let's start with the classic push-ups. Then you need to raise your right hand up. Repeat with left hand.

During training, the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, legs and triceps are involved.

Step on the chair

Exercise is very famous and effective..

On a chair you need to put your foot and rise.

To fall - from the opposite leg.

To do this, do it 15 times.

Another activity with a chair - lowering the triceps.

Need to get your back to the chair.

Put your hands on a chair, legs on the ground, hips raised.

While the back is near the chair, bend your elbows, dropping 90 degrees.

These two quick weight loss exercises strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and triceps..


Exercise is not the easiest, but very effective.

Need to hold on for thirty seconds..

Bend your elbows and kick to the ground.

raise your

Only elbows and fingertips should support your body.

Do not touch the ground with any other parts of the body..

You can also make a side bar. Lie on one side with one arm only. Keep your head tense. Such exercises for quick weight loss train the abs, back and shoulders.

Running in place with knees up

First, raise your left leg at the knee (90 degrees).

Then right.

Alternate legs for 30 seconds.

Hips are trained, body flexibility in the lower body improves.


Keep your foot forward with your knee and foot..

The other leg to be at the back at your fingertips.

Change legs.

Such exercises for weight loss at home are effective for the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, as well as the hamstring..

Workout for the abdomen

First, to warm up the abdominal muscles, it is recommended to jump a little. Jumping is used to warm up the body. A lot of fat is deposited in the abdomen, so you should do exercises specifically for this area. Home exercises for weight loss of the abdomen are to perform the following actions:

Reverse twisting

Lying, raise your legs and bend them at the knees (an angle of 90 degrees should form).

It is necessary to exhale air and bend so as to reach the knees with the tip of the nose.

Then return to the starting position and breathing in the air, slowly lower your legs.

If possible, repeat again. And then you can do a curl with arms crossed. All the same actions, only the position of the hands crosswise.

Long twisting arms

Lie on the ground, bend your knees, stretch your arms above your head and twist.

Take a starting position.

Training is very similar to the swing of the press. Abdominal muscles are especially fastened.

Russian twist

For true patriots.

Sit on the floor and bend your knees.

Feet should be together. Hands together too.

You should swing the body in different directions with rotational movements (as if drawing a circle with your buttocks).

Occupation effective for abdominal muscles.

Bird - dog

Take position - kneeling and arms.

The back should not bend.

Pull your right leg back, stretch your left arm forward (in front of you).

About 5 seconds to stay in this position.

Repeat 5-6 times with different arms and legs..

Workouts are for the lower back, hips and abdomen..

your hands

But seriously, it looks like this:

Jumping up

Occupation seems hard. But understanding how to do it, you will perform such exercises with pleasure.

Need to crouch.

Then take a push-up pose and bounce, pulling your arms up.

Stretched arms

Stand, stretch your arms, hold your body like this throughout the exercise. Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back.

Bridge on one leg

Lie on your back and bring your legs closer to your buttocks..

Then raise your thigh and hold in that position for a few seconds.

Repeat exercise for the other leg..

One leg squats

The exercise is difficult, but very effective. At first it will be very difficult to make it, especially if you just started playing sports. The following workouts will bring even better results..


Take the starting position for push-ups.

You need to bring the right knee to the side of the chest, bounce up a little and change legs in the air, return to the starting position.

The left leg goes forward and the right leg goes back..

Exercise strengthens muscle groups and benefits the cardiovascular system.


Such an exercise is performed with ease, even by beginners..

Need to lie on the floor, raise your legs.

Keep your back straight.

Training strengthens the abdomen and muscles of the lower back and buttocks.


Famous floor exercise.

Put your hands behind your head.

Then raise your legs, bend your knees and simulate movements as if you were riding a bicycle.

Doing the exercise, you will feel the upper and middle muscles of the abs.

Exercises for fit and beautiful buttocks

First of all, you should start with a squat. It is recommended to do 15 times in two approaches. But this is only the beginning. Later, for efficiency, you will need to do 100 squats per day. You should also perform the exercise - lunges forward (described in the classical training).

The elasticity of the buttocks also depends on the condition of the legs. Many activities are dedicated to providing the legs with a beautiful look. Popular workouts:

Swinging legs in different directions;

Lunges on the left or right leg;

Fire hydrant…

The last exercise is to stand on all fours. Knees should be opposite the pelvis, arms should be opposite the shoulders. Then lift the left leg to the side with the knees bent as much as possible. It should be done 10-15 repetitions of exercises in one approach.

Remember: when each muscle is felt during the lesson and there is pain, then the most muscle tissue.

Each time the pain will decrease, because parts of the body will get used to the exercises. Then you can increase the load. Trying to do more than the previous one each time, you are moving towards the goal of becoming better.

All of the above workouts must be done within thirty seconds with a break of 10 seconds. For fast weight loss exercises to be effective, you need to do it in the order in which the instruction writes.