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Exercises and gymnastics for scoliosis at home

Scoliosis - curvature of the spine - occurs in children, adolescents and adults. Effective physiotherapy exercises will help get rid of stoop.

Depending on the magnitude of the angle of curvature of the spine, the disease is divided into 4 stages. At the 1st and 2nd stages of exercise therapy - the main therapeutic agent. Therapeutic gymnastics is prescribed by a physical therapy doctor and is subsequently performed daily at home. Treatment leads to:

Strengthening and proper formation of the muscle corset;

Correction of posture, elimination of stoop;

The establishment of the correct muscle tone;

General health improvement.

The growth and formation of the bones of the child continues until adulthood (20-25 years). Treatment of scoliosis is necessary, otherwise the curvature of the spine threatens with deformation and impaired function of the internal organs. When scoliosis is prohibited:

Hanging on the crossbar;

Engage in sports with a high load on the spine: martial arts, ballroom and sports dancing, rhythmic gymnastics;

Perform long and high jumps;

Do strength exercises;

Lift weights over 3 kg.

The complex of exercise therapy is prescribed by a doctor. Its dangerous to choose exercises yourself: instead of benefit, the disease worsens.

Both children and adults are advised to sleep on a hard orthopedic mattress. When a student does homework, parents must control his posture by avoiding stooping of his back. Be sure to observe the regime of the day, to temper, eat right. Helps with diseases of the spine..

The measures described above are just as important as the treatment prescribed by your doctor..

Preparation for physiotherapy exercises

Before class, be sure to do a warm-up to warm up the muscles before exercise. Warm up example:

Standing, legs apart. Inhale, stretch your arms up; exhaling, lower hands, do 5-6 times.

Lean against the wall with the back surface of the body, tighten the muscles. Move away from the wall and again tighten the muscles for 5-10 seconds, maintaining balance.

Stand straight, arms forward. Inhale - hands to the sides, palms up, exhale - hands together. Do 5 times.

Stand straight, hands at the seams. Rotate your shoulders away 5 times, rest a couple of seconds, then repeat 2-3 more times with rest.

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While standing, bend the leg at the knee joint and pull it to the stomach. Perform alternately on each leg 5-7 times.

After warming up, they go on to the main lesson. At home, the exercises are performed in a well-ventilated room on a hard fitness mat. Gymnastics from scoliosis (stoop) is carried out at a slow pace at the same time as breathing, without sudden movements to pleasant muscle fatigue.

When pain occurs, it is necessary to stop the exercises, lie on the mat and relax. You cant return to this exercise..

The basic complex of exercise therapy for 1-2 degrees of disease

"Scissors". Lying on your back, straighten and raise legs, 10-15 times.

"Cat". Standing on all fours, raise your back up while inhaling and bend down while exhaling. A complicated option is the cat creeps into the gateway: start the deflection by falling onto the floor on your hands, then bend your back, press your stomach and legs to the floor, and raise your upper body and bend forward. Repeat 7-10 times. This is the best exercise against stooping..

Get on all fours and lean back on your heels, arms straight. In the folded position, lean in different directions, fixing each time for a couple of seconds. Do at least 10 times.

Lie belly on a solid roller, stretch out arms to connect behind your back, legs straight. Lift the upper body up, trying not to strain your back, 7-10 times.

Standing, legs apart, hands at the seams. Flatten and breed scapulae 5-7 times.

Get on all fours, stretch your arm forward, and leg back parallel to the floor, keep your balance for 3-5 seconds. Change arm and leg, perform 5-7 reps.

Lie on your back, feet on your feet, arms to the sides. Tilt your bent legs in one direction and turn your head in the other. Run several times.

Lying on its side (on the side into which the spine is curved), place a roller under the lower back. From below the leg is extended, from above - it is bent at the knee. The lower arm is bent and lies under the neck, the upper arm parallel to the floor behind the head. 10-15 seconds to keep balance, then relax. 5 reps.

Treatment will help get rid of stoop and reduce the curvature of the spine if you do gymnastics daily. As your back and chest muscles strengthen, you can gradually increase the number of repetitions of each exercise..

Exercise therapy helps if you do it for a long time. The minimum course of treatment (basic complex) is 3 weeks, by the end of the course there is an improvement. After a 3-4 week break, classes resume to consolidate the result for another 3 weeks. 4 courses of exercise therapy are required per year.

Exercise therapy for stoop

Depending on the type of scoliosis, treatment is carried out with different complexes of exercise therapy. With C-shaped scoliosis (stoop), the emphasis is on strengthening the lateral muscles of the body, supporting proper posture.

Vertebrologists offer the following exercises to straighten the spine at home:

Standing, legs apart, arms bent, hands on shoulders. Rotate your elbows forward and backward 8 times, relax a couple of seconds. Rotate thrice.

In the same position: inhale - pull the shoulder forward, exhale - back, repeat with the other shoulder. You cant move your back. Do 10-15 times.

Repeat exercise with shoulder back.

Get up, hands at the seams. Without lifting your stop from the floor, pull yourself up, freeze for 5 seconds, relieve tension. Do 4-6 reps.

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Lying on his stomach, his hands are pressed to his body. Glue the shoulders and chest to the floor, raise one head. 5 times enough.

Lie on your stomach, focus on your hands. Lift the body up without taking your stomach and legs off the floor. 5 reps are enough.

Lie on your stomach, arms along the body. Raise legs alternately extended 8-10 times.

Boat: lying on your stomach, bend in the lower back, stretching out straight arms and legs. 5-7 reps are enough.

It is recommended to finish the gymnastics with walking on the heels, hands with the letter "F". 15-20 times roll from heels to socks, then walk on toes. These simple exercises help align your spine. The course of treatment is 1.5 months, 3-4 lessons per week.

After treatment, you need a visit to the doctor to assess the dynamics of changes.

Exercise therapy for double back curvature

With S-shaped scoliosis, both the pectoral and lumbar muscles need to be strengthened.

Gymnastics for the spine at home in this case is different.

A bench is needed for the first three exercises. Sitting on a bench, fix the legs (about the battery or bed). Hands in the castle, lean back and rise 8-10 times.

Lie across the bench on your back, reach with your hands and feet to the floor, hang 3-5 seconds.

Lie across the bench with your stomach, fix your legs. Lower and rise 8-10 times.

Lie on the mat on your back, raise the body and swing, legs straight.

To stand up, extend the arm from the side of the curvature up, hold the other perpendicularly. Inhale - reach up, exhale - go down, do 8-10 times.

To set aside the leg from the side of the curvature to the side, to connect the hands behind the head. Inhale - bend forward, exhale - return, enough 5-10 times.

Get on all fours, inhale, exhale - back on your heels, do not move your arms, 3-5 repetitions are enough.

Exercise "cat" perform 8-10 times.

Lie on your back, hands at the seams. Inhale - pull your socks toward you while lowering your chin to your chest. Freeze then relax.

Lie on your back, hands at the seams. To bend the leg opposite to the curvature in the lumbar spine at the knee and pull to the stomach, 5-7 repetitions are enough.

The course of treatment is 1.5 months, 3-4 lessons per week. After treatment, you need a visit to the doctor to assess the dynamics of changes.

Medical supervision

Once every six months, it is imperative to visit an orthopedic surgeon to make sure that the treatment is selected correctly and that progress is evident. Gymnastics forms a correct posture: reduces stoop, eliminates deflection in the lumbar region.

If there is no positive dynamics, the exercises were performed incorrectly or irregularly. The doctor will prescribe another treatment complex, in addition to it - massage, physiotherapy, in difficult cases - wearing a corset. At first, you need to deal with an instructor, then continue to treat stoop at home.