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Exercise birch or candle. Asana Viparita Karani in Yoga

Birch refers to the unique reverse asanas. There are no such exercises in any other system. The most important task is to reverse the negative effects of gravity on our bodies..

The position of the birch is called the queen of poses, it is also called the "pose for all parts of the body", as the whole body heals. Its therapeutic properties can be listed for a long time, without recalling other advantages. The system of forces acting on the body every day is inverted, thereby facilitating the circulatory system, since the return of blood to the heart is facilitated. For an asana to be effective and beneficial for the heart, it must be performed not 2-3 seconds, but 2-3 minutes. At the same time, the circulatory system strengthens the circulatory system.

This is one of the yoga positions that everyone knows, and is affordable for any student..

Sarvangasana is an excellent prophylaxis against varicose veins and has a beneficial effect on the body with circulatory disorders in the brain. The birch position treats and normalizes the work of the left ventricle of the heart muscle.

Secure Entrance to Sarvangasana

Lie on your back. Put your hands along the body, palms down to the floor.

Exhale and at the same time pull your knees to the body.

Hold your palms firmly to the floor and at the same time push your hands and raise your hips (do it in one motion).

Bend your elbows and support your lower back. Move both elbows closer together so that your shoulders are parallel.

Stay in one breath pose.

While exhaling, lift your torso upright so that your chin touches your chest and straighten your legs. Point your toes to the ceiling.

Keep your neck muscles relaxed so as not to block your free breathing. Stay in 5 breaths.

On the next exhalation, bend your legs and slowly lower the body onto the mat, leaning back with your hands.

Straighten up.

Tips for Beginners

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If you have high blood pressure, eye diseases, or problems with the cervical spine, extreme caution should be exercised or discard the asana. The position of the candle, with the above diseases, is potentially dangerous.

At the very beginning of the position, use additional helpers: a folded blanket, a towel. Roll the blanket in three layers or use the yoga block, and put a blanket on it. On the blanket, lower your shoulders and elbows, let your head rest calmly on the floor. The neck does not rest on blankets, does not rest on the floor - thanks to this, it is free and unloaded.

A candle made on blankets creates more space in the neck area, protecting it from pressure. This is convenient, but remember that the blanket should not be soft, as there may be problems with balance - the support is unstable.

Benefits of Sarvangasana

Facilitates the return of venous blood to the heart.

Soothes the nervous system.

It has a therapeutic effect in diseases of the throat, asthma.

Helps digestion, relieves internal organs.

Stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, centers of visceral regulation of stem structures.

Strengthens the lungs, increases cell oxygenation.

Adds energy and self confidence..

Do not take this position when you have high blood pressure, and you are taking medication, and if you have menstruation. If you have problems with the cervical spine, it is best to consult a yoga teacher or doctor.

Unlike the headstand, which causes an instant burst of energy and requires a lot of strength, the candle acts soothingly, brings happiness and prosperity. This is a good practice before finishing exercises and the last before resting.

Another birch tree

Viparita Karani - a candle pose in a simplified form, a passive version of the shoulderstand. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, calms, energizes and does not require any effort and experience in the practice of yoga. The position is often done before bedtime..

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Viparita Karani is important for women of all ages, and is recommended to be performed once a week for several minutes (up to 20 minutes). She teaches proper deep natural breathing, and also to observe and feel her body through the work of consciousness, subtle, patient and caring..

This is a practice of conscious removal of physical and mental stress, since this yoga position allows you to naturally enter a deeper state of muscle relaxation and calming the mind.

If you want to do yoga, you do not know where to start, where you live there are no yoga courses, try Viparita Karani at home. Start with 3-5 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 20 minutes. This is a natural way to restore harmony in life, balance, good mood, add positive and new energy, as well as acquire a willingness to act..

Our body is designed so that it can restore itself, and in the practice of yoga there are elements that deepen the process of regeneration.

How the asana is performed correctly is stated in the instructions - the body and mind will love the position of Viparita Karani.

Instruction manual

In this position, always use a roller or a folded blanket (Note: if the spine is not flexible, the roller should be thinner, with the practice, you can wrap it with a blanket to increase the volume).

Lie near the wall on your right side, bend your knees and pull them to your chest. The space between the wall and buttocks should be about 15-18 cm.

During exhalation, in one motion, lift straight legs up, resting on the wall. Buttocks do not touch the wall, but the coccyx relax and lower down.

The chest is relaxed, but due to the fact that it rests on the roller, it will be slightly extended upward. At the beginning of the exercise, you will have to experiment by carefully moving the roller so that you find the position in which you feel that the buttocks and the upper part of the spine relaxed down.

The muscles of the face should be relaxed, the mouth slightly open, the tongue lying at the bottom of the oral cavity. Relax your throat and move your head back a bit so as not to strain your neck muscles. In this position, it is important that our feelings are muffled, so close your eyes and, if conditions permit, turn on quiet, relaxing music or just listen to the silence.

Set your natural, relaxed breathing. To complete the exercise, remove the cushion from beneath you, bend your knees, move them to your chest and slowly put them on the right side. Straighten.

Lie on your back. Relax. Stay in Shavasan's position so that the energy generated in this position goes deep into your mind and body. Stay in the position of 5-15 minutes. You can even read a book, but also give yourself a chance to stay in silence with your thoughts or breath.

Simplified position

Use a high chair instead of a wall - lay it on the floor, bend your knees and put your calves on a chair or sofa.

In this embodiment, there are two angles: the trunk and thigh; as well as thigh and calves.