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Chiroplastic massage (chiromassage) of the face - training

What is a chiroplastic facial massage, what is its effectiveness, what are its indications and limitations. Features of massage techniques: techniques, preparation, skin care after a session.

Body and face chiromassage is a special massage technique based on a combination of oriental and classical techniques, including kinesiology and traditional chiropractic elements. Massage is used both as a cosmetology procedure, and as a wellness, and as a preventive.

When conducting, more than 100 techniques are used: from simple strokes to complex, stretching the skin and subcutaneous muscles, movements.

An additional effect of massage is an improvement in the work of all internal organs. This is achieved through the study of biologically active points on the face, which are responsible for the operation of systems and organs. Stimulating each of them for several minutes helps to activate the movement of energy through the body, eliminate blocks and clamps, release negative emotions and thought forms, calm the subconscious.

The effectiveness of the Spanish methodology

Regular procedures are recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, work or live in areas with an unfavorable environment, eat poorly, take a lot of drugs and abuse smoking and alcohol, are prone to depression, etc..

Facial chiromassage allows you to:

Reduce the severity of rosacea;

Increase skin elasticity;

Improve face contests;

Reduce the manifestation of puffiness;

Relieve muscle fatigue even of a chronic form;

Strengthen microcirculation of biological fluids;

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles;

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Slow down the aging process;

Relax and oxygenate the tissue;

Intensify regeneration processes.

Description of modern massage techniques classifies chiroplastic massage as a muscular-structural type.

This is explained by the fact that during the session there is a profound effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat, blood and lymphatic system, muscle tissue. The use of special oils, creams, serums and lotions allows you to get individual additional effects. This can be an improvement in skin color, the elimination of dryness or greasy, peeling, acne or sagging.

Contraindications and Precautions

Chiroplastic facial massage usually does not cause complications. Unpleasant consequences may occur if the rules of chiromassage were violated. The main contraindications for the Spanish chiromassage are skin diseases and papillomas, moles, mechanical damage to the skin, inflammatory processes and allergic rashes. It is not recommended to conduct sessions if vascular diseases are diagnosed, accompanied by their fragility and with oncology.

Temporary prohibitions for using this technique - infectious diseases, the first month after injections of fillers and botulinum toxin, increased body temperature.

Spanish chiromassage technique

Chiroplastic massage affects the muscle, vascular, osteoarticular and nervous systems, and for the face there are several special techniques. The first of them is classic. In a couple of sessions, you can get rid of facial wrinkles, and 6-7 sessions will be enough to smooth out deep wrinkles and folds. The result of the classical technique is healthy skin, reduction of puffiness and normalization of the sebaceous glands..

Myostructural technique is used to increase the elasticity of muscle tissue. Somato-emotional - strengthens the nervous system. The execution technique provides for a sharp change in influences: from hard and power to slow and soothing. To increase the effect during the session, silk gloves, cold and hot stones, feathers, bamboo sticks are used. Hemolymphatic technique is aimed at strengthening blood vessels and improving the movement of body fluids. The result of its use is the normalization of blood pressure and metabolic processes. Due to the activation of the movement of lymph and venous blood, facial skin rejuvenation occurs..

Spanish lymphatic drainage facial massage accelerates the removal of excess fluid from tissues, decay products and toxins. This leads to an improvement in regeneration processes and metabolism. A neurosedative effect on the skin of the face leads to the activation of certain parts of the brain, which eliminates apathy and reduces stress, relieves irritability, and insomnia. Myotensive technique involves the development of blood vessels through muscle tissue, for which the periarticular muscles are first stretched.

Pilar Corrrecher created a new type of Spanish facial chiromassage.

The technique consists in deep study of muscle tissue to eliminate hypertonicity, increase skin elasticity, rejuvenation and eliminate swelling.

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Preparation for the procedure

Before the session, the skin of the face, neck and dcollet area is cleaned of cosmetics and contaminants with micellar water or light oil mixtures. The use of alcoholic lotions and tonics causes overdrying of the epidermis and reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.

Additionally, after cleaning, you can use an antiseptic compress with sage, chamomile and a string. Apply a warm compress to the face for 5-10 minutes. This will not only deeply cleanse the skin, but also warm it for a better study. Compress can be replaced with a water bath. Then a moisturizing massage agent is applied: it can be either a greasy cream or a special oil. Beauticians prefer to work with lavender and grape seed oil, almond, coconut, shea.

How to massage

A massage session begins with relaxation. This is the main difference between chiroplastic massage for the face from other practices. With the help of relaxation, the necessary softness and suppleness of the skin and muscle tissue is achieved for further study. In order for the skin and muscles to relax, they conduct a small warm-up: they stroke the face with the pads of the fingers, draw along the chin and the front surface of the neck. Fingers knead the nasolabial fold and more intensively pass the forehead. Then go to the nose, cheeks and temporal part. After that, palms hold along the massage lines and neck. These skin manipulations can relieve nervous tension, improve mood, calm the mind and emotions.

The choice and use of chiroplastic facial massage techniques depends on the purpose of the procedure, method of exposure, skin condition, patient age, indications and susceptibility. During the session, only one technique is used: combining several reduces the therapeutic effect and can provoke the appearance of side effects. Regardless of the chosen technique, the patient should not experience pain or discomfort during the session.

The main massage techniques are:

Kneading, patting, stroking;

Light tingling;

Wavy vibrations.

During the massage, the study takes place both with pads and with the thumbs, the entire surface of the palm, the base of the brush and the rib.

Skin care after the procedure

After the session, the residual oil or cream is removed from the skin and a light moisturizing lotion is applied. Typically, the course consists of 10-15 sessions, which are carried out at intervals of 2-3 days. To maintain the effect, it is recommended to attend sessions at least 1 time per week for 2 months, and a second course is usually prescribed after 7-9 months. To prevent skin aging and prevent age-related changes, you can attend sessions every 10-14 days.

Spanish chiroplastic massage technique differs from its analogues in a large number of techniques, depth of study and the ability to get fast results.

At home, conducting sessions is difficult: they require some preparation. Learning the technique is necessary to understand the massage lines, the strength and intensity of the study, the location of acupuncture points and the awareness of the characteristics of each of the practices. Illiterate exposure can cause tissue stretching, microtrauma and rupture of capillary vessels.