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Chakras Kundalini Yoga

The power of kundalini. Description of the chakras, their meaning, which blocks each chakra, how the kundalini affects the opening of the chakras. An application with Kundalini Yoga video for opening chakras from Maya Fiennes.

Chakras and kundalini are closely related. Kundalini energy is able to pass through all the chakras of a person, but gradually. At the highest level of the Sahasrara, it merges with Shiva. After that, the yogis own consciousness stops.

There are a lot of chakras (energy centers) in our body, but all the teachings speak only of seven main.

Their colors are the same as the colors of the rainbow: from red (1 chakra) to purple (7 chakra). Everyone feels their energy centers more. We have adapted to this and do not pay much attention to them..

The energy of all past life karmas is the power of Kundalini. It is impossible to say exactly where the kundalini is located. But the 1 chakra of Muldhara is the source of the manifestation of kundalini. If the kundalini rises above, overcoming all the energy obstacles in the subtle matter, the chakras located above will gradually begin to open. And in you are activated such areas of perception that were inaccessible to your consciousness.

All the senses and sensations of human existence are the activities of kundalini. And the opening of energy centers is a manifestation of potential to infinity. What a person feels himself and how he does it is the power of kundalini, which is recreated through the energy channels.

Special practices have been developed that can quickly awaken the power of the kundalini so that it goes through each energy center and charges it with its energy to reveal all the possibilities of a person. However, such exercises are not so safe and are prohibited for self-development..

Description of the chakras and their meaning

The meaning of "chakra" is the eastern name from the Sanskrit language. They are arranged in order from bottom to top:

chakra 1 - Muladhara (the place of the coccyx, in women this is the back wall on the cervix);

chakra 2 - Swadhistana (organs of the reproductive system);

Chakra 3 - Manipura (navel place);

Chakra 4 - Anahata (chest);

chakra 5 - Vishduha (throat);

chakra 6 - Ajana (third eye);

energy centers

Chakra 7 - Sahasrara (place of the crown).

Below is a brief description of each step..


The first chakra of Muladha is also called root. She is responsible for the human consciousness at the level of his physical needs (food, shelter, safety). It is the consciousness of the animal world. The most striking example of a person staying at Muldha is Sharikov (Dogs Heart). Block her animal fears.

But a well-developed Muladha awakens the power of kundalini and gives good health, excellent physical abilities in yoga. When it opens, an energetic rise occurs, small tremors in the tailbone are possible.


Swadhistan is responsible for prosperity, pleasure. At this level is a large part of humanity. That is why the topic of sex is quite relevant. Satisfaction in sexual terms is the energy of Swadhistan, which burns out at the time of orgasm. But you need to save such energy so that it rises higher, and for this purpose, many teachings advise abstinence.

Rising higher, the energy of Swadhisthana feeds the higher chakras. Sometimes this is accompanied as mental pain, but there will certainly be pleasant experiences.

Lust, strong desire - this speaks of the blocks of the second chakra. But in the open state, she will give seduction, a dream come true.


Manipura is responsible for power, management abilities. Manipur has high-level bosses, powerful personalities.

Manipura is blocked by social fears, greed, self-doubt, weakness.

When it is in the open state, a special power is given to a person, with the help of which he influences other people with his energy.

All three chakras described are the level of society at which most people live..

The other four upper chakras are spiritual.


chakra kundalini

Anahata (fourth chakra) is responsible for love. This is not a feeling that carries feelings and jealousy. This is something much deeper, similar to the maternal feeling. At this stage, the human consciousness comprehends the Christian saying "God is love".

Transition to Anahata means a new vision and perception. The egoistic desire for power, trying to prove his innocence, is leaving.

Feelings of guilt, depression, emotional attachment are Anahata blockers. But when it opens, intuition awakens, consciousness expands, a person can easily meditate.


Vishuddha is responsible for creativity. If the kundalini has risen to the stage of Vishuddhi, it will not fall below. Fully revealed Vishuddha can relieve hunger. It will give longevity, the ability to have awareness in a dream and other unique opportunities. But, if a person is creative, this does not mean that he is on Vishuddha. Here the consciousness is much wider.

Vishuddha is blocked when he exceeds his own I, there is no flexibility, speech is not developed, the weakness of mental abilities.


Ajna is responsible for accepting reality at the energy level. Here is the site of Shiva, giving a perception of reality in two ways (pleasant or unpleasant). Staying on Ajna, the material world is no longer becoming the basis of life. Paths are opening up for self-realization. It becomes most significant..

With the full opening of the chakra 6 kundalini yoga, a person gets rid of the concept of "individual existence".

He feels the vibration of different energies..

At this level, clairvoyance awakens.

Ajna is blocked by its own logic, clinging to some idea, distorting the information that comes in, inadequacy.


Sahasrara -7 is the highest chakra, is responsible for the manifestation of the stage of pure existence. It is marked by enlightenment, but complete enlightenment will be when the power of kundalini appears in the Sahasrara and purifies its channels. Coming to the higher I, the ego leaves. Man becomes an observer, the mind produces only that which accepts.

Sahasraru blocks mindfulness, clarity.

A fully enlightened person is endowed with consciousness around the clock.

To work on the opening of the chakras, a video lesson from the specialist Maya Fiennes is offered..