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Barbell exercises at home

Build muscle and gain weight at home. A complete set of basic exercises with a barbell at home and in the gym. Types, technique, weight selection.

First of all, you need to understand that the bar gives a significant increase in stress not only on the muscles, causing them to increase in volume, but also on the joints, on the spine.

Non-observance of safety during training will lead to injuries, it is quite possible that with far-reaching consequences.

Secondly, before starting a set of exercises, you need to carry out a mandatory warm-up, warm up the tendons and muscle mass. The risk of accidentally damaging oneself is reduced. The third important point is to monitor your breathing. You need to breathe correctly. Last - at the moment when the body begins to give signs that the overload has started, the training stops.

Weight selection

Exercises with a barbell at home are not much different from training at home with dumbbells. No need to chase records, usually the finish line is with the doctor. Weight gain gradually.

There is a simple rule - weight parameters must be such that a person can perform 12 repetitions in one approach.

At the beginning of training, you need to do two approaches eight times each, after which you try to give out twelve. Next, we begin to increase the number of approaches, but we do it approximately according to this scheme: two approaches (12 times), the third (8 times).

And so on. For health problems, such as injuries to the back or joints, it would be wise to consult a trainer from the nearest gym. Let him ask for money (not a fact), his health is more important than the feeling of know-it-all.


Bench press

The bar of the bar is skidded over the head. Wide grip.

When lifting the weight up, the air is exhaled, when lowering, the lungs are filled with oxygen.

At the bottom, the bar is touching the shoulders.

The load on the spine is very large, it is better to do more repetitions with less weight. When hints of burning appear, the work stops.

Biceps Work

Medium grip, stable foot position.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the back deflection.

The greater the deflection, the higher the likelihood of damage to the vertebrae and the more real financial costs for treatment.

Chasing a lot of weight makes no sense. More weight - more back deflection. Repeat recommendation above.

Triceps Work

Barbell exercises

The grip is narrow, an exercise is performed lying on a bench or on the floor.

In the first case, it is very important to remember - the legs do not lift off the floor.

The bar of the bar lies on the chest; when it rises up, the air is expelled from the lungs with force.

The arms are bent at the elbows, and the knuckles touch the forehead.

After the shell rises up.

Work with the pectoral muscles

Home Exercise Exercise.

It is carried out in a horizontal position, lying on a bench.

Legs do not come off the surface..

When lifting weight, exhalation occurs, it is recommended to take the grip a little wider than the average.

Important: there is a large load on the shoulder joint. If you overdo it, you can get a lot of problems. The moment of appearance of uncomfortable sensations should be the moment of termination of work. The bar touches the chest just above the nipples..


Perhaps the most famous exercise from training, familiar to most.

In the initial position, the bar lies on the floor, the one who does the exercise is standing.

Air is inhaled, tilted, grip wider than average.

Palms clasp the bar, knees bend a little, head rolls back.

When you exhale, the knees and back are unbent, forming, relatively speaking, a straight line.

It is important to work out with your back and legs. Its not worth taking heavy weight, the operation is very traumatic, the lower back is in the zone of special risk.


Everything is simple: legs shoulder-width apart, barbell weight presses on shoulders, neck for head.

The position must be very stable, otherwise you can fall to the side and get serious damage..

Barbell exercises home

It is important not to tear the heel off the floor, the back is straight.

Work with drumstick

The mass is in front, the bar rests on straight arms below. By tearing the heels off the surface, the load is transferred to the lower leg.


Remarkably strengthen abdominal muscles abdominal exercise. In the case of the upper one, you can take a pancake from the bar, put it behind your head and do the work with weighting.

About the importance of relaxation

"Everything should be in moderation". This expression is suitable for people working out at home. There are many cases when, in pursuit of quick results, men gave themselves big loads. And achieved the opposite result.

It must be remembered - muscles do not grow at the time of training (short-term increase), but during rest.

It is important to give your body a break, eat right, so that he receives all the necessary elements for building mass. Without proper alternation, the price for such training is worthless.

How many times a week we train at home?

The best option is three times a week. Moreover, during training should fall on different muscle groups. For example, I work separately with the abs, arms, chest, the second time - legs, and the like. Optimally, when practiced in two groups in one training session. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the recovery time for each group is different.


To work at home, it is nice to have the following items:


Dumbbells (there are special kits when two dumbbells are twisted from one bar);

Bench for bench press;


Safety net is an important component of home workouts. The probability of damage is reduced, the safety of exercises is increased. In addition to the purely technical aspects, there are psychological.

It is proved that working with a partner encourages you to perform exercises regularly, and makes you achieve results, does not give internal relaxation. There is a kind of desire to be the first, competition.

The importance of warming up before starting workouts

Many had to interrupt their "sports" career at home, when not enough attention was paid and time to warm up. Twenty minutes of simple, easy exercises guaranteed to insure against many possible problems.

Bottom line: you can and should work with a barbell at home. The main thing is that the load should be correctly planned, systemic and regular. And the desired result will be achieved..