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Back exercises for women at home

Important exercises for a beautiful back and proper posture for girls. Sports equipment, exercise technique, training program.

Strong back muscles - a healthy spine and proper beautiful posture.

This is one of the largest muscles of the body, the training of which will allow you to burn a large amount of subcutaneous fat.

Exercise helps increase the bodys total energy expenditure..

Trained back muscles form a reference silhouette of beauty.

Sports equipment for training your back at home

In the fitness rooms and on the sports fields there are a lot of different exercise machines that will help to train the back muscles. But there are situations when there is simply no way to attend a sports club. There is a way out of this situation. Effective training can be done at home, while having the minimum equipment: a mat, a pair of dumbbell and fitball.

If you take heavier dumbbells, then you can pump up muscle mass. For many girls, it is important to have not only a flawless figure, but also a strong healthy body.

Lying and sitting exercises

To avoid injuries and sprains, back exercises should be started with muscle sprains. To do this, lie on your stomach, direct your hands along the body. Next, you need to smoothly raise the case with the hands, trying to do it as high as possible.

If such an exercise is easy for you, then you should try to perform another, which is called the "box". Its difference is that the legs should be bent at the knees and when lifting the body, try to reach with the socks of the foot to the head, which is thrown back.

The following exercise for the back muscles is also very simple. It is called the "flexible back." To do this, you also need to stay on your stomach. Stretch your arms straight. The head should be lowered all the time and look down. It is necessary to lift your arms parallel to the floor while inhaling, trying to raise your chest and shoulders. Do not lift your feet off the floor..

lower back

Another exercise that is performed in the prone position is based on lifting the hips. The starting position is exactly the same as in the previous exercises. Cross your arms, put a face on them. Next, you need to lift only the legs, starting with the shins and ending with the hips. This is very difficult to do. And at first, the exercise may not work. Then you just need to strain your legs, trying to lift them. Tension should be felt in the buttocks and lower back.

Another exercise body turns for back muscles is performed from the sitting position. Legs should be crossed, arms laid back and in the lock position. You should turn the case to the left, then to the right. You need to do this by turning as far as possible. Tension in the spine and lower back should be felt..

Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercises are very effective. They contribute to the formation of a correct and beautiful posture, and also help to build various muscles.

The first exercise is called deadlift. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back and buttocks. The legs should be set shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knee joints. The back should be straight and the body tilted forward. Dumbbells should be taken in each hand. The stomach is maximally drawn into itself. The press plays a very important role in this exercise. Next, straight arms spread apart, elbows should be pointing up.

The starting position for the next exercise pull with bent arms is exactly the same. Only hands are pressed to the body and bent at the elbows. You should slowly unbend your elbow joint, moving your arms with dumbbells back. So you train not only the spinal muscles, but also strengthen the triceps.

Another very effective and widespread exercise with dumbbells is performed from a straight stance and is called direct traction. Hands with dumbbells down. It is necessary to bend forward gently to form a right angle. Knees should be slightly bent. In this way, unwanted injuries can be avoided..

Fitball Exercise

Fitball exercises are very beneficial for the back. In order to strengthen the spine, there is a very good exercise at home..

The ball should be installed close to the wall..

Then lie on his stomach so that his legs abut against the surface of the wall.

The housing must be raised and lowered again..

In order to complicate the exercise, legs can be raised higher. Tension should be felt in the lower back. The corresponding load on the buttocks and hips also appears..