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Acupressure to lower blood pressure

How to lower high blood pressure with acupressure. Is it possible to do back massage under high pressure. Contraindications to massage for hypertension.

With high blood pressure, not every massage technique is suitable. If the blood pressure-reducing manipulations were performed correctly, then the pressure stabilizes. The patient will feel relief, a headache will subside, dizziness, a sensation of pulsation in the temples, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms will disappear. This is due to the fact that the correct effect on the body will help to expand blood vessels, improve blood flow, thereby lowering blood pressure.

At low pressure, the procedure will be different. in this case, the purpose of the massage is to increase blood flow.

With an unprofessional approach to the procedure, the effect may be negative. At best, pressure will remain the same, or active points will come into operation to increase pressure. Therefore, massage events require only the hands of an experienced specialist who can choose the exposure technique suitable for a particular case..

The massage procedure cannot be used as the only treatment for hypertension..

However, for the prevention of this disease, massage effects are perfect. Doctors advise taking massage courses regularly for both people aged and young, as any disease is much easier to prevent than to get rid of it later.

Massage Techniques for Hypertension

Massage at high pressure can be performed both with hands and with special medical devices. The main goal of the procedure is to positively affect the tone of the patient's blood vessels. The manual method can be applied in the form of acupressure or along the entire back, including the neck.

Acupressure implies a technique of influencing certain points of the body that are responsible for one or another of its functions. Exposure points are not always close to the lesion. Before proceeding with this type of manipulation, it is necessary to carefully study which acupuncture must be pressed to relieve the condition with high pressure.

Manual impact on the back and cervical spine. This technique should be used with extreme accuracy with high blood pressure. If the load is too intense, the condition may worsen. All movements should be smooth without excessive pressure. First of all, the procedure should be relaxing for the patient..

Massage areas: shoulder girdle, collar and paravertebral zones

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With hypertension, doctors use massage techniques on the back and cervical regions. The procedure should be performed by a professional in order to avoid deterioration of the patient's condition. The technique of massage of the cervical spine consists of the following stages:

Rubbing the area over the shoulders and between the shoulder blades alternately on each side.

Moderately intense stroking from the ears to the shoulder blades.

Sawing and chopping hands in the collar zone.

Hand strokes throughout the area where massage manipulations are performed.

Back massage for hypertension is performed as follows:

The spinal muscle is stretched in a straight line with the palm of the hand, and then the transition to light stroking, which is performed with the thumb.

The next step is to stretch the trapezoid sections.

Massaging the line along the spine with your fingers.

At the end, light stroking the back with palms and fingertips.

Stick to this system and watch your body react.

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Acupressure Technique

Acupressure to reduce blood pressure is also used by doctors as a treatment, but acupressure is massaged for pressure and at home. First you need to understand where the points of impact on the body are. You can find them:

Under the jaw where the pulse of the carotid artery is felt.

On the occipital bone.

Just below the patella (approximately 4 fingers back off).

On the epigastric zone.

On the foot (retreat about 10 cm from the heel).

Once the points are identified, you can proceed to the procedure itself in order to lower the blood pressure index. How to reduce pressure by acupressure:

Place your thumb on the acupuncture point under the jaw, press on the point, hold for about 10 seconds. Next, you need to remove your finger, take a deep breath and repeat the pressure again.

Place three fingers of each hand on the points that are on both sides of the occipital tubercle, press and count to 10. Repeat the procedure 3 times.

For 5 minutes carry out massaging movements under the patella.

Press on the point that is on the foot of the left foot. Count to 10 and repeat again 3-5 times.

The treatment of hypertension should be handled by a specialist. He will appoint you the necessary procedures and recipes. It is important to adhere to them, but it is in our power to carefully influence the body. Independent action on acupuncture points to lower the pressure will help normalize blood pressure..