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Acupressure of the eyes to improve the vision of Alexander Kurchatov

What leads to visual impairment and what is the use of acupressure for the eyes. Indications and contraindications. Massage techniques: classical, Dr. Zhdanov, Qigong and Bates method.

Facts hazardous to vision include:

Improper nutrition;


Long work at the computer;

Work in an improperly lit room;

Excessive or insufficient brightness of monitors;

Lack of sleep;

Lack of rest;

Sedentary lifestyle;

Work in difficult conditions;

Bad ecology.

There are also medical causes of vision diseases. Glaucoma, cataracts, blindness, etc. cause:


Cerebrovascular accident;



Head and neck injuries.

Myopia and hyperopia develop due to weakening of muscle tissue and fatigue of the optic nerves. The same reasons lead to muscle atrophy. The easiest way to remedy the situation is with lenses or glasses. However, they do not cure the disease, but only help the person to adapt to new conditions, and often lead to the progression of the disease.

The effect of eye massage

Regular acupressure of the eyes can prevent visual impairment and restore its sharpness. It is painless, easy to use and does not take much time. If there are no contraindications, it can be performed at home, combining with traditional methods of treatment or as a preventive technique..

Acupressure or acupressure is a traditional eastern method of treating a disease based on exposure to certain points on the body. Massage sessions in combination with special gymnastics lead to improved vision, a relaxing and tonic effect, and a reduction in the symptoms of many diseases..

An additional effect of the procedure is in improving the trophism of tissues and the muscular membrane of the eyeball, activating the production of collagen and elastin, detoxifying the skin, eliminating edema and dark circles.

Indications and contraindications

Procedures for restoring vision, treating myopia and hyperopia, relieve fatigue and tension, and prevent age-related deterioration of the muscles of the eyeballs are shown..

Recommend it for eye diseases:

Dry eye syndrome;

Retinal dystrophy;



Blepharitis etc.

Contraindications to massage sessions:

Recovery period after laser vision correction;

Severe condition with colds and viral diseases;

Mechanical damage to the eyes;

Skin damage in the eye area;

Severe myopia;

Decompensated glaucoma;

Neoplasms in the eyes and brain;

Bleeding and blood diseases;

index fingers

Hypertension 3 degrees;

Open form of tuberculosis;


CNS overwork.

It is recommended to abandon the massage at elevated body temperature and dizziness.

The mechanism of influence on the body

Exposure to certain points leads to oxygen saturation of thin blood vessels. Improving blood circulation leads to intensive nutrition of the eye tissue, which improves the condition of the eyeball and vision. Saturation with oxygen and nutrients reduces fatigue, reduces the feeling of dryness and pain in the eyes.

Along with blood circulation, lymph circulation also improves. Metabolic processes are activated and excess fluid is removed from the tissues. A mechanical effect on energy points strengthens the immune system, improves the elasticity of muscle tissue and skin. As a result, puffiness passes, the complexion and condition of the skin in the eye area improves.

Techniques and techniques

The technique of Dr. Zhdanov

Start the massage from a central point on the forehead, which is located slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. Massage it for about 35 seconds with the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger. After that, the place is rubbed with a palm. Pads of the middle fingers massage the eyebrows until a sensation of warmth appears. Then proceed to massage the pads of the index fingers of the temples. The working time is 53-45 seconds. After the temples, the infraorbital cheekbones, the center of the nose bridge and the center of the area between the upper lip and nose are worked out..

Then proceed to kneading the neck. For this, two palms are used, and the kneading time is from 1 to 3 minutes. When the neck muscles are warmed up and the palms are warm, they return to the eyes. With your fingertips, gently press on the closed eyelids, after - the eyelid is massaged with vibrational movements, and the direction is from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. End the session by massaging the entire surface of the eyelid with 4 finger pads.

Classic technique

This technique is often prescribed for the treatment of myopia and other vision diseases. Begin the exercise by pressing with warm hands on closed eyes. The pressure is increased gradually, and the number of repetitions is up to 6. Then the palms are clenched into a fist and the eyelids are rubbed for 30-50 seconds. Next, the fingers make soft pressure on the eyebrows. The direction is from the inner edge to the outer. Massage time - about 40 seconds.

After this proceed to increased pressure on the lower part of the orbit. Go to the study of the external and internal corners of the eyes, making careful circular movements in a clockwise direction. On the bridge of the nose, the movements should be vibrational - this will free the sinuses and increase blood flow. The penultimate exercise is a direct effect on the eyeballs. Pads of the index and middle finger are pressed on the closed eyelids 12-17 times. After they make circular motions with the pads clockwise and counterclockwise. End the session with light taps with the inside of the hand on the closed eyelids.

Bates Gymnastics

For gymnastics and exercise, they often use the Bates eye exercise system. It is based on the fact that visual acuity is determined by 6 major muscles. The method of treatment consists in relaxing and strengthening the muscle tissue responsible for focusing..

It is recommended to do gymnastics in the morning and before breakfast, without glasses or contact lenses. The head should be motionless. The first exercise is to look up, then down, left and right. Repeat from 8 to 12 times. Make diagonal eye movements from the upper right corner - to the lower left and vice versa. The number of repetitions is 10-12. Then you need to draw a rectangle with your eyes, quickly blink a few times and repeat the exercise. The next figure is a bow. Start it diagonally from the upper left corner. After the bow, they draw a figure of 8. Between each exercise, the eyes are allowed to rest for 2-3 seconds. Finish the gymnastics by looking in a clockwise direction. Repeat up to 8 times, and in the interval - blink quickly.

Bates Massage

Bates massage is more convenient from a sitting position. They begin with massaging the forehead with the index, middle and ring fingers. Direction of movement clockwise and counterclockwise. Next, the index finger is placed at the bridge of the nose at the starting point, the middle one in the middle, the ring finger between the eyebrows. Produce simultaneous pressure and light massage for 15-20 seconds.

The next exercise is to transfer the fingers to the temples and massage from the temporal region to the corners of the cheekbones under the eye sockets. The wings of the nose are worked out only with the index fingers, and the nose - with the middle. After moving to the ears. First you need to easily press on the tragus, and then massage the entire surface of the auricles.

Next, go to the study of the neck. This is necessary to get rid of muscle clamps, blocks and to improve blood movement. It is necessary to act on its back surface: start with intensive stroking down from the hairline. Then - increased pressure with the edge of the palm and thumb.

After massaging the neck, they go on to massaging the eyes. With two fingers, they easily press on the closed eyelids, and make massage movements. Do 4 repetitions, each lasting 5 seconds. The lower eyelids, the outer and inner corners of the eyes are massaged in the same way..

The last exercise is to look for deformed and vulnerable spots on the eyeball (astigmatic points). For this, any item of the interior of the room is selected with a glance. Watch without blinking, 15-20 seconds. Then the eyes are closed and gently pressed on the eyelid with your fingers. Do this until the outline of the selected item is clear. Eyes open, blink rapidly for 20 seconds to relieve tension. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times a day.

Qigong Technique

In oriental medicine, rejuvenation and longevity, any technique begins with relaxation and deep breathing. The massage is performed in calm conditions: the light should be dim, in the room - quietly and not hot. The best time is before bedtime. Before the session, the hands are rubbed against each other until a feeling of pleasant warmth.

The first exercise - pressing the fingertips on closed eyelids. Repeat 8-10 times. The pressure force is chosen as high as possible, but there should not be a sensation of pain. Then, with the pads of only the index fingers, 8 clicks are made on:

The corners of the eyes of the nose;

Points at the beginning of the eyebrows, in the middle and at the end;

Outer corners of the eyes;

The center point under the eye sockets;

The central point on the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows.

Then make 8 tingling from the center of the eyebrow to its outer edge. Complete the massage practice with gymnastics for the eyes. It is better to carry it out in the dark, and in order to prevent the development of vision disease - gymnastics should be repeated daily.

The first 3 exercises are repeated 18 times:

Eye rotation clockwise and counterclockwise;

The movement of the gaze in a straight line to the right and left;

Movement of a look up and down.

After this, you need to focus on the tip of the index finger, which is 25-27 cm from the nose. They glance over the finger, hold it for a few seconds, focus on the finger. The whole cycle is repeated 36 times.

How often to apply

Each of the massage techniques to improve vision takes no more than 10 minutes, and 2-3 sessions can be performed per day. If there are no contraindications, then you can do it daily. Morning procedures will help prepare the eye muscles for the upcoming work, evening - to relax and relieve tension..

If you practice regularly, the first results will be noticeable in 20-25 days.

Acupressure for the eyes - a useful, simple and affordable technique. It will not only improve vision, but also cope with fatigue and pain after a working day, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles. Classes can be held both in the morning and in the evening. To fix the effect of the sessions, after the massage it is recommended to lie down with your eyes closed for several minutes, and put a compress on your eyelids. You can make it from a cotton swab dipped in strong black tea or milk, slices of fresh and cold cucumber or raw potatoes. You can also make compresses from a decoction of chamomile, linden, mint, birch or cornflowers. After the compress, apply a nourishing cream for the skin around the eyes.