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Acupressure massage for weight loss at home (point scheme)

When your favorite jeans sharply become tight, and the mark on the scales is far from the desired, acupressure comes to the rescue. A simple technique to get rid of extra pounds.

Losing weight with massage is easy. On the body of any person there are many points, the impact on which will affect the work of specific life processes and helps get rid of many problems. If you learn to properly massage these points - you can establish or restore the work of internal organs. Such a Chinese acupressure is called acupressure..

Slenderness from acupressure is sometimes achieved faster than from following popular diets and exercises..

Massage effect

The benefits of the procedure are huge. Stimulating acupuncture points triggers metabolic processes in the body. Thanks to this, metabolism is accelerated and extra pounds go away faster. Massage points for weight loss affects the body as follows:

The feeling of hunger disappears, therefore, the volume of the stomach becomes smaller. The amount of food consumed is reduced and kilograms go away.

Metabolism becomes faster, obtained from food, substances do not have time to be deposited due to accelerated processing.

The immune system becomes stronger and more resistant to infections. The body is cleared of toxins.

Blood circulation and blood flow back to normal.

Having correctly identified the causes of excess weight, you can take measures to accelerate the process of losing weight.

Possible contraindications

Although acupressure for slimming the abdomen is a relatively mild technique for influencing the body, it has several contraindications. Acupressure is not recommended for:

undergoing treatment with antibiotics or hormones;

alcohol or drug intoxication;

poisoning or viral infections;

inflammation and trauma of any type;


seconds repetitions


diseases of the circulatory system;

individual intolerance to this type of massage, manifested in the form of vomiting, severe dizziness and headache.

In such cases, it is better to resort to more traditional methods in the fight against deposits and fatty layers. It can be yoga exercises, fitness and proper nutrition..

What points should be involved: massage techniques

On the body of each person there are more than 1000 energy points. If you want to get the best massage effect, you should visit the office of an experienced specialist. Sometimes there is no time to visit a massage room, then this technique can be mastered independently. To do this, it is enough to know several basic acupressure points and their classification. Usually they are classified due to the occurrence of excess weight. When searching for the required point, a cun is used. This is a unit of measure corresponding to the thickness of the phalanx of the thumb on the hand..

Hormonal disbalance

With changes in the number of hormones, it is customary to massage 2 main points: guan-yuan and tzu gong.

The point called guan-yuan is located exactly three tsuni below the navel fossa. When pressing on it, the patient should be in a prone position and make a rotational motion for 30 minutes with a pillow of the thumb. Too much pressure is not necessary. The action on the point of guan-yuan will help get rid of excess fat in the lower abdomen and normalize women's health.

There are two points of tzu gong. They are located at the bottom of the abdomen, 4 inches below the navel, on the right and left sides. The pressure on them is produced during the rotation of the pelvis in each direction 30 times. You can do massage every day..


If you are used to eating fast food often and eating before bedtime, its useful to know the following points.

San Yin Jiao are placed exactly 3 tsun above the bone sticking out on the ankle. Massage of these places is done with the thumb 40 times for 30 seconds on each leg. Massage the point in a circular motion. For the best effect, experts recommend performing the procedure about three times a day.

Yin Ling Quan can be found in the bend under the knee. To work out this place is better standing 3 times a day. Exposure to this point helps to remove swelling from the legs, prevent the appearance of cellulite and rid the buttocks of excess body fat.

May is to the right and left of the navel in the interval between the pelvic bone and the last rib from the bottom. Press on it when turning the case to the sides. By massaging Dai Mai, you can reduce your appetite and remove fat from the waist.

Tien Shui is located two tsuny from the navel on both sides. Pressing them must be in a standing position. Legs should be shoulder width apart, belly should be pulled in and tilt body slightly. Thumb pillows should be pressed on the active zone for 5 seconds. Do 20 repetitions.

Stress state

Acupressure massage weight

A bad mood can also cause excess body fat. The impact on such points allows you to relieve headaches and normalize the psyche.

Nei Guan is located 2 tsunami from the wrist. Massage a standing point for about 5-10 seconds in 20 repetitions, first raising your hands above your head, and then placing them at chest level.

Tai chun is placed on the legs, between the tendons of the thumb and forefinger. These points must be stimulated in a sitting position for 30 repetitions for 7 seconds. Repeat exercise on the other leg..

Insomnia and chronic fatigue

Working through these points can help to cope with the problem of poor sleep and burns fat at the waist..

Zu san li can be found under the knee below 3 cun and to the right of the protruding bone 1 cun. You need to press on it while sitting, pressing 30 times for 10 seconds on both legs.

Ban Hui is worth looking at the top of your head. Stimulate the point while standing on toes for 10 seconds for 20 repetitions.

Slimming Abdominal Massage

The hardest thing to remove is fat in the abdomen. To get the desired flat stomach, you need to try the technique of tufu massage. It is done lying on this algorithm:

With warm hands, you must first stretch the place from the solar plexus to the lower abdomen.

In case pain occurs when acting on the stomach, the pressure decreases or the procedure is interrupted.

If belching or hiccups occur, continue massage. This is a sign that the procedure is being performed correctly and the body is gradually cleansing..

The final movements are circular strokes..

After completing the tufu course, you will find the desired harmony.

How often should massage be done?

To achieve good results, acupressure is done every day for a month. If desired, the procedure can be performed more than once a day, but do not overdo it.

If you feel unwell during the massage, you should stop it and take a short break in 2-3 days.

Acupressure massage has a beneficial effect on the body. With it, you can get rid of excess weight and gain the coveted harmony. It should be remembered that proper nutrition and massage, coupled with small physical exertion can significantly speed up the process. Exposure to massage points for weight loss leads to normalization of sleep patterns, improvement of a persons mental state and mood.