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Acupressure for nasal congestion (sinusitis)

An effective massage for nasal congestion with sinusitis, sinusitis, allergies and a slight cold. Massage technique for adults and infants. Contraindications to massage.

A unique method came to us from Asia, having proved itself on the positive side. Modern doctors also successfully use it, appointing a massage for a patient with nasal congestion. Its effectiveness is that when exposed to certain points, the hidden resources of our body are activated. Thanks to them, some biological processes are included that improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation and improve protective functions..

In addition to these properties, during massage, painful sensations are minimized, muscle tension decreases. Point exposure has another positive side. When using it, it is not always possible to get the desired result. However, it is also almost impossible to harm the body. If you have not reached recovery, then at least spend a pleasant, relaxing procedure for yourself.

How to perform acupressure against a runny nose

First you need to determine the area of inflammation, in our case it will be the nasal cavity. When exposed to the points of this area of the face, the patient will be able to relax and stimulate the nervous system, which normalizes the functionality of tissues. It is not difficult to find the points of influence in the area of inflammation, when you click on them you can feel pain, a sensation of heat, possibly high sweat.

Some patients report experiencing symptoms such as numbness, fullness, aches, hot flashes, or vice versa..

Where are the exposure points

To conduct the massage correctly, you need to know where the points are located, when exposed to which you will alleviate the condition. You can find them both in the area of inflammation (on the wings or tip of the nose and in the nose), and near the site of inflammation: in the corners of the eyes, on top of the head or on the back of the head. There are points of influence even on the human body - on the outside of the knees, in the area of the big toes or on the palms.

Having information about where the exposure points are located, you can carry out the procedure with the best positive effect. Do not rush to start a massage, for a start carefully study the zones of your body's influence and sensations when you click on them.

Massage Technique

Massage with a runny nose is done with warm hands. Pressing the acupuncture points does not need to be done too sharply or intensively. Smoothly with medium strength it is necessary to perform massage movements. During the procedure, slight pain may be felt, which means the effect is carried out effectively. One example of a step-by-step massage technique:

runny nose

Nose wings - massage with light finger presses from the outside.

The outer corners of the eyes - in circular motions.

Nose bridge - in circular motions or tapping.

Ear Nodule - Light Taps.

At the point, you need to spend about a minute, after completing the massage at all points, rest for 10-15 minutes and repeat the procedure to achieve the best effect.

Before the procedure, be sure to wash your hands. The manicure should be as short as possible to avoid damage.

In circular motions with your finger, do this clockwise using gentle pressure on the points. It is recommended to start a massage against a runny nose with the wings of the nose, then using its tip and only then move on to all other areas of exposure.

If you do not press on the affected area itself, but use points located on the body, the pressure can be increased. And at the end of all the manipulations, drink a cup of warm mint tea with honey to relax the body.

Acupressure for colds in infants

Each mother takes care of her baby and worries when the baby has difficulty breathing with a stuffy nose. The point technique has proven itself from the best side, but the question arises: "Is it possible to do it with inflammation of the nose in infants?". There are certain contraindications to the procedure. It should be performed only at the direction of the attending physician.

This is due to the fact that massage from a runny nose with nasal congestion accelerates blood circulation in the body, and with it viruses and bacteria. If the body of an adult is able to cope with them, then the baby is happy with a weak immune system, which can lead to the development of a mild cold into a severe form of the disease. Therefore, massage with nasal congestion is allowed only in the presence of a runny nose without other symptoms of the disease, but in this case, you must be very careful.

nasal congestion

Features of the procedure for the baby

The method of massage with a runny nose in an infant will not differ much from how massage is performed during a runny nose in adults. The points for exposure are the same, the difference in the intensity of pressing. It is enough to barely touch the acupuncture points with your fingers, and then the massage will benefit the whole body.

Be sure to monitor the reaction of the baby when exposed to massage points. The child should not be uncomfortable.

If he cries and is unpleasant to touch, it is better to stop the procedure and contact your doctor for advice.

When to do acupressure is not worth it

Despite the fact that doctors note the effectiveness of nasal massage from a runny nose, there is a list of symptoms when it is contraindicated:

Fever. The reason is that with an increase in blood circulation in the body, the virus can spread at the highest rate.

Large moles. If there are large moles at the point, birthmarks or papillomas from the procedure, you should also refrain from treatment. These formations are benign and do not harm the body if you do not have a negative effect on them..

Cuts or scratches. If there is a damaged skin in the area of massage points, then the procedure should be abandoned until the wound heals. By massaging the cut, you can provoke an infection in the wound, which will aggravate the condition of the body.

Intense pain. During the procedure, a slight sensation of pain is allowed, but if the pain is too strong, exposure to the site should be stopped.

You can try to avoid the area where severe pain or other contraindications are felt, and massage from nasal congestion using other points of influence.

According to reviews of patients who used the technique of acupressure, most noted that their health improved.

Many noted a pleasant feeling of lightness and a relaxing effect from the procedure. The main advantage is that it has almost no negative or side effects. It is not always possible to get rid of nasal congestion by acupressure, but the risk of negative effects from it is minimal.