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Acupressure for headache (migraine)

Why can my head hurt? Acupressure techniques to eliminate pain. How to find active points on the face and head. Contraindications and limitations. Procedures for toothache.

The reason can be judged by the nature of the pain and their localization. The most common causes are:

Overstrain of the muscles of the head, shoulders, back and neck due to prolonged stay in a forced position, psycho-emotional overload, lack of sleep, improperly chosen position for sleeping, etc. The pain in this case is girdle, oppressive, of moderate intensity;

Migraine is a neurological disease that causes attacks of severe throbbing headache lasting from one hour to several days. Often accompanied by photophobia;

Change in blood pressure - both up and down. This type may be accompanied by nausea, loss of strength, pain in the eye area;

Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, in which discomfort is given to the temples and the back of the head.

It should be remembered that there are more formidable causes of pain in the head. A sharp growing pain in the forehead and temples can indicate serious conditions - vascular disaster, meningitis, frontal sinusitis, etc. Therefore, in such conditions, you should immediately consult a doctor. In other cases, acupressure for headache may help..

Contraindications and limitations

In some conditions, exposure to active points should be abstained. It is not necessary to perform acupressure head massage for headache in the following cases:

during pregnancy, with the exception of the second trimester;

in the presence of tumors of any origin;

during an exacerbation of chronic diseases;

with any diseases of the blood;

in the days of menstruation.

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Meteo-dependent people need to be especially careful when massaging during a sharp change in weather conditions..

How to find active points

The secrets of headache massage for points came to us from ancient Chinese medicine. The locations of the main reflex points to be affected are as follows:

two points in the recess under the base of the skull, on the inner sides of the vertical muscles of the neck, symmetrically with respect to the spine;

unpaired point 2-3 cm above the previous, between the first cervical vertebra and the base of the skull;

paired points at the inner edges of the superciliary arches;

unpaired point under the lower lip, in the center of the chin labial groove;

paired tremors on the edge of the scalp, between the temporal and frontal parts.

In addition, there are key points on the palms. They can be found between the thumbs and index fingers, at the intersection of the conditional extensions of their edges facing each other.

Acupressure techniques

Independent acupressure for headaches and migraines begins with the choice of a comfortable posture. The procedure can be performed both lying and sitting - the main thing is that there is support for the back, neck and neck.


The technique of massage points for headaches is as follows:

With the thumb or forefinger, you need to massage the points at the superciliary arches for five minutes. The direction of movement is circular, on the right - clockwise, on the left - vice versa;

Go to the points on the edge of the scalp, and massage them with circular light movements for 1 minute;

active points

Press on the area that is located in the pit under the lower lip, also take one minute for this pressure. Perform careful pinching movements with your thumb and forefinger;

Go to the massage points below, which are located in the recess, just below the base of the skull. Massage them with your thumbs from the bottom up, with pressure;

Complete the complex by stroking in a circle around the active point at the first cervical vertebra.

After the massage, you need to lie down or sit in a relaxed position for 5-10 minutes. Remove all sources of irritation, refrain for a while from reading, listening to music and talking.

Neck massage

Acupressure for dizziness and vasospasm during overwork is carried out not only in the head, but also in the neck. It is better if the procedure is carried out by another person, since the points for exposure in this case are located symmetrically to the spine in the lower part of the neck, at a distance of 4-5 cm from the spinal column. You need to knead them for 2-3 minutes, in circular motions with light pressure. If relief does not come, you can take a 10-minute break and repeat the exercise.

With a migraine attack

Effective acupressure for migraines is based on exposure to key points on the face:

Start acupressure for migraines with stroking movements from the corners of the eyelids to the bridge of the nose. Remember that paired points are massaged synchronously: when clicking on one point, be sure to press with the same force on the symmetrically located one;

The next item is the highest point of the eyebrows. At this point, grip a small fold of skin between the index and thumb and hold for 5-7 seconds. Repeat 10-12 times at regular intervals;

In conclusion, place the pads of the index and middle fingers in the center of the temples and rotate towards the ears. This exercise should not be performed for a long time - 1-2 minutes are enough.

If a migraine attack has caught you at home, after the session, try to lie down for at least half an hour. To prevent further attacks, the proposed complex can be performed every morning.


Massage is one of the most effective methods of momentary relief of toothache. The main exposure areas are located at the base of the earlobes. Massage them first with plucked, then in a circular motion. The following points are located in the recesses of the neck of the lower jaw, they need to be influenced in a circular motion towards the ears.

Complete the acupressure for toothache with gentle pressing movements in the middle of the lower jaw. These simple tricks will help you alleviate pain, eliminate excessive muscle tension and facilitate diagnosis..

Performing the exercises described regularly, you will soon notice that your head and neck are less likely to hurt, fatigue has decreased, and your work capacity has increased. Acupressure head massage for pain will allow you to reduce dependence on drugs and learn to better understand your body. The ability to quickly deal with headaches, migraines and cramps will come in handy at home, at work and on the road, and will improve the quality of your life..