facial massage

Acupressure facial massage for rejuvenation at home

Facial facial massage is suitable for home use. There are different types and techniques. With it, you can improve the condition of the skin, get rid of diseases.

Ease of technique and performance have contributed to widespread worldwide popularity. The history of use dates back several centuries. Since the eighth century it has been used in medicine. During this time, about 700 BAT (biologically active points) were found on the human body, of which 150 are more often used. Groups of active points form meridians (internal channels through which the vital energy of the Chi circulates).

8 meridians pass in the head zone, acting on which a dense energy network is created. There are points responsible for almost all organs. The essence of the technique is the physical impact on points whose size is 2-10 mm. Performing a massage involves pressing the entire pad to accurately get on the BAP.

Massage points on the face help smooth out wrinkles, improve complexion. Performing acupressure should be minimal. During contact, there is an improvement in blood circulation throughout the body. Skin rejuvenation does not occur through external exposure, but through the activation of the body to combat skin problems and ailments.

There are various types of acupressure:

jung - finger massage;

shiatsu - Japanese technique;

Indian marmotherapy;

sous jock - korean.

Thanks to stimulation of BAP, the skin condition improves, you can get rid of many ailments: from a runny nose, headache, fatigue. The main thing is to pay at least 15 minutes of attention every day, do acupressure facial massage constantly. Regular execution is the principle of this technique..


Women always want to look beautiful and young. Use various cosmetic procedures, creams, plastic surgery. All this requires a lot of time and money. Acupressure for the face has a huge advantage. No need to go to beauty salons, spend a lot of money. To become young and beautiful you should learn simple manipulation. The technique of influencing special points with the pads of the middle fingers will help rejuvenate the skin of the face, improve the health of the whole body. Another advantage is that you can massage in any free time and spend about 15 minutes on it.

Together with changes in appearance, diseases such as:




improve vision.

In the East, it was believed that his hand is the best healer. By correctly stimulating active points located in certain places, a person feels when to stop, in which places to do more pressure, so as not to harm himself.


This technique is used for problems that occur on the skin of the face in different age categories. It is worth paying attention to the method of point exposure if you have:

the skin loses its glow, becomes dull;

elasticity is lost;

wrinkles appear;

bags appear under the eyes;

the contour of the face changes;

facial massage

lymph congestion forms edema;

dry and aging skin.

Problems that arise with age are solved with the help of massage. Active points, when stimulated, accelerate the movement of blood and lymph. This has a positive effect not only on the skin, but also on the work of internal organs..


Like any treatment, acupressure has contraindications. In order not to harm yourself, you need to know that massage is prohibited, if there is:

scratches, dermatitis, allergies, skin wounds;

the accumulation of moles in places of influence;

infectious diseases;

high body temperature;

boils, acne, acne, sepsis, inflammation;


Acupressure facial massage for rejuvenation should be carried out on clean skin, previously moistened. During infectious diseases, sessions should be temporarily discontinued.

Massage points on the face

Three meridians of active points pass on the face. They are located in small fossae on bones, joints and tendons, between muscle fibers. Also in places of pulse beat. When the correct pressure occurs, a slight soreness is felt. Coverage from 2 to 10 mm.

On the face they are located as follows:

in the middle of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose, at the inner corner of the eye;

two points at the base of the eyebrow growth, points above the middle eyebrow, at the end of the eyebrow growth;

the middle of the temporal cavity at the level of the eyebrows, a depression between the apex of the ear and the skull, along this line down to the fossa between the jaws;

a turn to the corner of the jaw under the edge of the ear, a hollow under the chin;

the middle of the lip at the base of the nose, the middle of the lower lip;

slightly above the corners of the mouth, under the nostrils on the upper lip;

at the base of the wings of the nose and in the middle of the base of the nose.

Looking through the points for facial rejuvenation, you can draw invisible lines that make up the energy channels. They are around the area of the eyes and mouth, and also go from the edge of the ear to the jaw. When the procedure is done correctly, heat should be felt, meaning that the energy has gone through the channel.

Japanese Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage for over a century. It was developed on the principles of Tibetan medicine and knowledge of human anatomy. Back in the 3rd century, various massage techniques were used for treatment. A therapeutic general massage of the whole body was carried out. Even then, its effect was noticed not only on improving health, but also on external beauty.

Acupressure facial

Shiatsu differs from the classical one in that there are no rubbing, tapping, kneading. His technique is the simultaneous stimulation of energy points by pressing the pads of the fingers and various parts of the hand. Usually used are the thumb or middle, ring and index fingers..

Stimulation of points by short-term pressure improves blood circulation, increases lymph outflow. This helps to solve a number of problems with the skin of the face:

remove puffiness and circles under the eyes;

improve skin condition;

smooth facial wrinkles;

stop the aging process of the skin;

tone muscles.

You can master the technique at home, but a professional will do it much more efficiently. In Japan, to receive a certificate of a shiatsu massage therapist, you need to undergo special training for three years. The result will depend on the quality of the lesson. Incorrect pressure, ignorance of the location of points, can be harmful to health.

Finger massage

Chinese finger massage is applied with the thumb, index and middle finger. It has two types - tonic and soothing. In the first case, the effect is constant and soft, in the second more severe and short-term (30-60 sec).

During a soothing view, the fingertips should be pressed first lightly, then increasing the pressure, hold for a few seconds. Moving to another point, do as well. Action Time: 4 to 8 minutes.

The tonic method is brief, intense pressure with a sharp separation of the arm. Action Time: 30-50 seconds. There should be no pain during the procedure.

The technique of execution is that the thumb activates the BAP, and the middle and index fingers strokes in the following sequence:

The thumb activates a point in the temporal region, and the other two stroke the forehead;

Continue stroking eyebrows starting from the bridge of the nose (large at the temple);

Massage the corners of the eyes, then around them (large activates the temporal region);

Then go to the wings of the nose, at the base press on the point;

Treat points around the mouth starting from the center of wrinkles.

Finish the procedure by rubbing, stroking and tapping. The skin should become warm. Do not exert much effort, you can not stretch the skin, otherwise it may lead to the formation of new wrinkles.

Egyptian massage

Queen Cleopatra was considered the standard of beauty. In ancient Egypt, various types of massage were used. Especially popular was facial massage with brushes. Modern cosmetology uses this method now. It is recommended to use brushes made of natural materials (squirrel) and jade rollers of different stiffness and size. The combination of cold and soft stimulates blood circulation, affects the muscles and nervous system, and relaxes well. Jade has long been considered healing. The powder from it was taken inside, added to the mask for rejuvenation. Perform the procedure in massage rooms.

Indian marmotherapy

BAT is called marma in India. They have been studied by doctors from ancient times. Marmatherapy is similar to Chinese medicine, is a precursor to acupuncture. Differs from other techniques in that special oils are used.

Massage technique - movement clockwise and counterclockwise. Do synchronously with two hands. Start with a small circle. After making five turns, expand it. Then in the opposite direction. Repeat - 3 times. Such movements must work out all the active points on the face. You need to start from the middle of the forehead. The face should be clean with cream applied on it..

The theory of marmas is that a person has energy channels through which vital energy flows. Exposure to certain points restores its flow and removes blocks. A properly performed massage will restore energy balance throughout the body. The points that are on the face are responsible for almost all organs. Their stimulation will affect not only the skin of the face, but also on the internal organs.

Modern massage techniques help a woman stay young and beautiful for a long time. Use for this you need only your hands and free time. Among the techniques, each girl can find a more suitable one. The main thing is to systematically perform a massage, and listen to your feelings.