flat stomach

Abdominal Slimming Exercises

They will help to build up abs muscles, remove excess weight and strengthen muscles. Effective exercises for losing belly at home - enough classes for 40 minutes a day.

Preparatory stage

Before starting a workout, warm up your body muscles so that there are no injuries or injuries. It is recommended to pre-ventilate and clean the room..

Warm up should be more than four minutes. Walking or jogging in place will increase blood flow to organs, ligaments, and tendons. Pulse and breathing become more frequent. So you gradually prepare the body for physical activity.

Having decided to go in for sports to tighten your abdominal muscles, be guided by the following rules:

Do classes in the morning, 40 minutes before - eat carbohydrates, protein is required after exercise - for muscle growth and relief.

Watch your breathing during training and restore it in breaks.

By gradually complicating the exercises, you can withstand the necessary physical activity in just two weeks.

Finish with a massage - it relieves stress, helps burn fat tissue.

How to tighten the upper abdominal muscles

The upper press is easier to strengthen than the side and lower. These muscles work in everyday life. The following exercises will help to quickly pump it..


Lying on your back, bend your knees and pull up, put your hands behind your head. Tighten the abdominal muscles by quickly pulling the body body towards the calves. Exercise: On the exhale, raise your shoulders in the direction away from the floor, lock the position for three seconds, return to the starting position. Repeat 8-10 times. Take a two-minute break, then repeat.


Lie down on the floor and stretch out into a "string", put your palms behind your head. At the same time, try to raise the body and legs. The movement begins on the exhale. For best effect, do not touch the floor with your hands or feet..

Lower Press Exercise

Classes that work out the lower abdominal muscles differ in the load on the legs. They are recommended to be performed every day for 10 minutes.

Leg lift

your back

Lie on your back and raise your legs so that the ankles are parallel to the floor, the knees are on the same level as the hips. Keep your hands apart. Tighten your abs to lift your hips three centimeters above the floor. Lock the position for three seconds. Repeat 8-10 times. Take a two-minute break, then repeat another 8-10 times.

Follow the rules: take a deep breath before starting the movement, while exhaling, lift your hips. Do not tear your back off the floor.

Exercises for oblique abs

They are distinguished by the complexity of execution and not always by the strength of untrained people. Sometimes require additional sports attributes.

Lateral twisting

Lie on your back, spread your hips, feet shoulder width apart, put your palms under your head. Perform twisting by pulling the shoulder to the opposite leg (knee). The elbow should be flush with the shoulder. The second elbow should not be torn off the floor. Return to the starting position and twist in the second direction. Lock the position of the lower torso. Perform ten sets, relax, repeat 10 times.

Body lift

Lie on one side, put one palm behind the head, and make the other emphasis below. Raise the body casing as high as possible, fix the position for three seconds, return to the original position. Repeat movements 10-15 times, then rest, relax. Daily exercise is not worth it. To find a flat stomach, exercise 2 times a week, monitor the calorie content of food.

Transverse press design

It is difficult to make this part of the press embossed. It is enough to maintain her tone by performing the following actions.

Breathing exercises

We take a deep breath, then exhale sharply and pull the belly into ourselves.

We fix the position for 5 seconds, then take a deep breath and relax.

We stick out the stomach as far in front of us as possible and fix the position for 5 seconds.

Relaxing your abs.

Exercise 8-10 sets daily.

Standing inclinations

We put our feet shoulder-width apart, palms on the belt.

abdominal muscles

We tilt the body to the right, then to the left (we do not tear off our hands from the hips).

Repeat eighteen times in each direction..


Stand with the heels of your feet in contact, your hands lying crosswise on your chest.

We stretch forward (alternately to the right, then to the left) the hands, while simultaneously lifting the opposite legs.

Repeat exercise up to 20 times.

Difficulties in retracting the abdominal wall indicate a strong weakening of the press. You can strengthen it by following these recommendations. Classes will help to remove from the sides a few extra pounds after three weeks.

Strength exercises with a press wheel

A gymnastic roller works on all groups of abdominal muscles.

Kneel with the press roll in front of you. Lean on it and move forward, then go back.

Lie down on your stomach and on outstretched arms, use the roller to pull forward. Without bending your arms, try to pull the treadmill towards you.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move down as if you were laying the roller on the floor. Transfer body weight to the simulator and roll forward until you touch the floor with your chest. Hold for 5 seconds and get up (we recommend removing all unnecessary from the floor).

Right lifestyle

The sports tips listed above will help you lose weight and achieve a flat stomach..

In addition to the waist zone, you will correct other problematic parts of the body, as well as improve the general condition of the body. All classes can be grouped and performed in turn. Regular work will help in creating a flat tummy..

Be prepared for the fact that quickly - in 2-3 days you will not be able to make a flat stomach. Exercise daily and fully, eat right.

Its easy to keep your toned press - its enough to devote forty minutes to physical activity.

Removing fat from the sides is not so simple, but by doing this you will reduce the likelihood of diabetes, heart disease, problems with the spine and respiratory system. This will provide you with additional motivation in the fight against excess weight. Health depends on a good lifestyle and proper personal care..

We wish you a good mood, a beautiful body and a flat stomach!