lose weight

A cardio twister simulator will help you lose weight

Cardio Slim exercise machine is a compact, convenient and affordable way to lose weight. It will allow you to bring the body into shape, heart in tone for a minimum of effort and time.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use of the simulator. We remind you that before each workout, a warm-up is necessary. And during the class, do not forget to breathe correctly. It also helps to lose weight..

Place the machine on a flat, level surface. So that it does not slip - it is better to put it on a thin rubber mat. Make sure the simulator does not swing during exercise.

Stand in front of the treadmill and place your right foot on the right pedal.

Take the simulator arms approximately shoulder width apart.

Place your left foot on the left pedal and slowly start your workout by taking slow steps. Feel the handle gently rotate left-right, after it gently unfold your body. To keep your movements smooth, synchronize your steps and turn your torso.

At the end of the workout, slowly leave the simulator, crossing legs one by one.

Slim involves regular classes. For a visible result and strengthen the cardiovascular system, give training for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Price. According to user reviews, the price ranges from 1800 rubles to 8000.

On slim regularly acting stocks so the purchase of this simulator is available. Everyone must understand that the simulator should be of high quality. You need to choose and buy it in trusted stores..

Care of the simulator is simple, unlike other types


- Cool stuff! In winter, when morning runs are not available, it is good to have such a simulator at home! Cardio load is needed! Therefore, everything after winter comes out with koloboks. I have been looking for a treadmill for a long time, but this simulator is much more interesting. He takes up less space, he does not need electricity. The main thing is to open the window during class. I think this is a very good choice for girls and mothers. Convenient to do at home. (Valentine's review)

- Do not forget that this is still not a power simulator, but a cardiological one. And such simulators are most often used for warming up. And by the way, if you deal with it on a video lesson, the effect is simply awesome. I will not say that I am a super athlete, but there are skills. With a video training, I was cut down already in the seventeenth minute, rested and finished off a half-hour training. I'm glad I was able to choose what I need.